US - 'Christian' Nationalist - Takeover Blitz

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US - 'Christian' Nationalist - Takeover Blitz

WARNING! - Everybody read the New York Times Article in the Review Section "A 'Christian' Nationalist Blitz - The Western version of ISIS Rises!

The 'Religious Right' is working to take over the government.

= Why I will not vote for a Republican if they had Jesus Christ on the ticket – They all think they do.

Also why I am fleeing the Catholic Church in terror!

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No link to the article? rmfr

No link to the article?


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You young whippersnappers

You young whippersnappers keep us old paper newspaper fogies on our toes. I keep forgetting the new way of doing things.

NYT doesn't always allow free on-line reads.

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Actually, I ain't that young.

Actually, I ain't that young. I just ain't never bought newspapers. Never believed in them. **chuckle** They tended to fill my trash can too quickly. Beside, why would I want to pay for something that is nothing more than "trash" anyway? I make enough trash as it is just buying necessities.


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Re: "NYT doesn't always allow

Re: "NYT doesn't always allow free on-line reads."

It seems to if you use the incognito tab in Chrome. :-)

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Same shit since the Reagan

Same shit since the Reagan years.

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Christians would love to take

Christians would love to take over the government. Rushing towards a second dark ages. Can you imagine. First you create blasphemy laws. Then you outlaw the Atheists, Mormons and the Catholics, JUST LIKE HITLER DID, Then you begin using those big concentration camps America has built all across the nation., Christianity is no different than Islam in a place of power.

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