US Conference Catholic Bishops - I may be on TV - they were short time

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US Conference Catholic Bishops - I may be on TV - they were short time

I had the most interesting adventures and religious conversations at the Bishop’s conferences walking from the Waterfront Marriot to the Baltimore Cathedral with my protest signs; especially with the hotel security guards.

“I do NOT want creatures who prefer pedophiles to women on the same planet as my children.” & “Catholicism – Billions of believers held hostage by 300 proud, pagan, pedophiles in the vatican.”

When the TV cameras came out, I was waving my pedophilia reference in front of any camera I could.

I got interviewed. I may show up on TV. The one crew member said they needed 3 hours of footage.

If my computer stops locking up, I may try to write a summary of the view from the bottom up.

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Way to go Mrs. "O"

Way to go Mrs. "O"

I often disagree with many of your posts...… but on this ? I'm with you all the way.

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Good for you. They need to

Good for you. They need to have their noses rubbed in it.

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Fight the good fight.

Fight the good fight.

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