US news: Health care sharing ministries

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US news: Health care sharing ministries

Anyone heard about these? I just learned they exist!

Wikipedia: Health care sharing ministry - Health care sharing ministries are organizations in the United States in which health care costs are shared among members who have common ethical or religious beliefs. A health care sharing ministry does not use actuaries, does not accept risk or make guarantees, and does not purchase reinsurance policies on behalf of its members.

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Are you taking about a

Are you taking about a cooperative?

Australia had private health funds from I think the 1930''s .They tended be private men's organisations such as Oddfellowes ,and were government regulated,

The private health fund to which I now belong began as one of those .

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cranky47 - Are you taking

cranky47 - Are you taking about a cooperative?

I don't feel comfortable answering that, as I don't know much about the heath insurance industry. But as I understand it, these schemes rely on prayer to deal with large medical costs (instead of payment of the bill by pooling risk); which is presumably very different than what you seem to be talking about.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them.

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Nah, nothing like our heath l funds.,

Short true story;: When I was a gossoon , my mum had this lovely lady friend. The lovely friend was a Christian Scientist, and did nor believe in conventional medicine. That dear ,lovely lady contracted cancer and died. My mum and I cried . The End.

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I also belong to a State

I also belong to a State based (now national) Not for Profit Health Fund.

Although all our Health funds are regulated as insurers.

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I've heard a radio

I've heard a radio advertisement here in the US describing these, I think when I click over to the Rush Limbaugh show (I do like to hear from ALL sides). It sounded like a cooperative for the praying kind but I haven't looked into it.

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The New York Times just had

The New York Times just had an article on these in the US. They are NOT insurance companies, no matter what the payers think. They DON'T guarantee payment. They are cheap for people who can't afford the ACA policies with VERY limited maximum payouts. They cover a few small things. Catastrophic costs are - Trust in Jesus.

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Mrs. Paul Owczarek - The New

Mrs. Paul Owczarek - The New York Times just had an article on these in the US.

That may have been the article that originally got my attention (NY Times).

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What a sick scam on gullible

What a sick scam on gullible people. They can not be audited, and any denied claim is just "that's god's way, pray harder".

That part that is painful for me to absorb is that I feel for those conned fools. This is just one more example of the damage religion causes.

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DK "This is just one more

DK "This is just one more example of the damage religion causes."

I agree, but how dumb must someone be to think prayer will help with some medical conditions, but you need insurance for others.

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