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bible stated that god created

bible stated that god created the world flat and is the center of the earth. no further statements. :)

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Well, as for effective

Well, as for effective evidence against Christianity original sin and the accounts of Genesis are really the hammer blow to shatter the foundation.

Let me explain =)

Everyone knows that Jesus was crucified, why he HAD to be crucified is not well known. Everyone remembers that in Genesis Adam and Eve were cast out of paradise and left with a curse that passed down to all mankind, that of original sin, this is why bad thigns happen to good people , like death!, this is because all are born sinners because we inherited 'it' from Adam and Eve.

Jews would offer sacrifice to God for appeasement, here take this little lamb and leave my community alone. Ever noticed that Christians DO NOT offer sacrifice? Well its because Jesus was the last Sacrifice needed, lets say he was the ultimate Goat, the end all be all sacrifice.

With Jesus' sacrifice humanity was absolved of original sin.

Here is were Christianity all falls apart. Since it is obvious Adam and Eve never existed, and therefore original sin never existed, it stands to reason that Jesus was killed for nothing but a collection of Jewish myths.

I should note the obvious that not all Christians agree with this narrative, some reject original sin altogether. But biblically the narrative holds up.

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Believe me, most Christians

Believe me, most Christians do not know the concept of Scapegoating and that Jesus was the human sacrifice/Passover lamb that ended the need to sacrifice anything else.

I do like how you explained it though.

An other point is that, in the Adam and Eve story god appears the most evil character.


Creates a tree that Adam should not eat from.
He puts the tree in the middle
Creates Eve to confuse Adam
Warns Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree in the middle, he created for the sole purpose for Adam and Eve to eat the apple.
After seeing that they obeyed his warning, he sends in a temptation.
Creates a talking snake and lets it loose in the garden with the sole intention to tempt EVE.
Watches while Eve and Adam are being fooled.
Wait till Adam eat from the tree to charge in and punish them, not for them to learn but to enjoy seeing them suffer.
In fact he kicks them out of the garden with no hope of appeal, no second chances.
Them suffering was not enough though he made sure that even their children should be punished to this day.

That's all folks.

Now go back at the top of the story and make this the title:

"God wanted an excuse to have fun watching his creations suffer."

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they are "BRAINWASHED".

they are "BRAINWASHED".

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Because just like any belief,

Because just like any belief, people are substantially more likely to believe the more comfortable version of anything.

It's amazing to me... There are few people who openly denounce religion for what it truly is: charlatan-driven, useless promises and outright lies about the universe....

And yet there's a growing number of holocaust "deniers". So when an event is horrible, with substantial evidence people don't want to believe it happened, or don't want to be reminded.... And yet when it's their belief system with absolutely no credibility, they throw everything they have at it.

Humans are sadly, recklessly dumb animals. I'm proud to say I'm among the few with working, evolved brains and critical thinking abilities! It's an honor to be in a community with freethinkers.

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yep so true

yep so true

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Forget it people, it's

Forget it people, it's useless!!


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