Virgin mary and Aritificial Insemination ?

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Virgin mary and Aritificial Insemination ?

Hi i saw several articles claiming that God used Artificial Insemination Technique to Inseminate Virgin Mary . The guys here saying if its possible for human why not the omnipotent god. Toughts ?

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Ask yourself this question,

Ask yourself this question, why would an omnipotent god actually have any need to do that?

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That's true :/ and why do he

That's true :/ and why do he even need angels if he is omnipotent , and why did it took six days to create everything if he is OMNIPOTENT . If he is that OMNIPOTENT he could have made everything in just Few seconds right ?

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Because each day esteemed to

Because each day esteemed to its purpose. I have no doubt that he meticulously created all things with us in mind.

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Exactly, I think you are

Exactly, I think you are starting to get it now Abdul Rauf Bin Jamal. :)

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It's strange to think that

It's strange to think that God would impregnate another man's wife (adultery) and then kill the resulting offspring (murder) and claim the moral highground....

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It is immoral.

It is immoral to be exact.

To kill an innocent person for any reason, but it becomes pure evil to kill your own son for your own obsession with the death penalty and inability to forgive people.

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