War On Christmas coming up?

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War On Christmas coming up?

Hi all,

With the winter [trigger warning for conservatives] holidays just a couple of weeks away, I’ve decided to ask y’all a question: What are some of your views on the dreaded “War On Christmas”? Btw this is in preparation for Fox News’ and the Religious Reich’s cries of persecution and “Declare war on the atheist, not Christmas!”

As an atheist, I personally think it’s all a load of horseshit because I still celebrate and enjoy the aspects of Christmas that are about family, generosity, and the spirit of giving, even though I don’t do the nativity and church parts anymore, because I no longer believe in that stuff. Also, nobody is saying that you can’t call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. Nobody is saying that you can’t celebrate the religious aspects of this holiday if you believe in that stuff.

Theists are welcome to give their opinions!

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The war on Christmas is a big

The war on Christmas is a big lie started by the Christian's. They are protesting the separation of church and state during Christmas. They don't like it when they can't be the only ones putting religious stuff on public property. They protest against the saying of happy holidays, instead of merry Christmas.

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And you forgot to mention how

And you forgot to mention how they cry on Facebook whenever the FFRF puts up a small sign that reads “Let Reason Prevail This Season”.

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What I find incredibly

What I find incredibly amusing is that all the Christians are getting so terribly upset and defending a PAGAN ritual. There's irony for you. LMAO....

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@Tin-Man: defending a PAGAN

@Tin-Man: defending a PAGAN ritual

And a happy Saturnalia to you Tin-Man. Let's all gather around our pagan decorated trees and drink a toast to Sol Invictus. Just to complete the pagan ambience, let's also hang up a few sprigs of sacred mistletoe.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe

Don't forget to raise a glass and toast Mithra's (aka the lamb's) Birthday!

I always wish people happy holidays unless they say something about christmas, in which case I apologise and wish them Happy Mithras instead.....its fun watching them work out if you have a lisp or a cleft palate are meant what you said....

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No matter what time of year

No matter what time of year it is, even during this bullshit season, I always say, "Have an easy one." When asked, I replied, "I say have an easy one in case your day goes bad, then may it be easy."


EDIT: added missing word

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Can i find some sites or

Can i find some sites or books (serious ones) corroboring the fact that christianity stole from pagan ancient religions, because there are a lot of counter-apologists nowadays and it sometimes confuses me. I just want to not succumb to confirmation bias.

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@ Talyyn

@ Talyyn

Should keep you going until next year! The Mithrain and Teutonic customs are the source for most Western Christmas rituals....have fun!

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Richard Carrier - Historicity
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Io, Saturnalia, fratribus et

Io, Saturnalia, fratribus et sororibus!

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No, it’s even more ironic

No, it’s even more ironic than that: the fun pagan rituals were added later on in the 11th Century by the Pope as part of the Chirch’s quest to brainwash the pagan Europeans by basically tricking them into thinking that their rituals were actually Christian.

But now the conservaflakes are getting all freaked-out about atheism (and I like to refer to this as “Atheism Derangement Syndrome”) and the fact that many of us are celebrating the same holiday as them but a bit differently, so they want to make Christmas 100% about their invisible friend in the sky by getting rid of the pagan traditions that were quite ironically added by the Church 900 years ago. *My last few remaining irony-meters explode from the irony overload* Shit. Looks like I’ll have to go and get some more irony-meters from RW.

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What part of Christmas is

What part of Christmas is Christian. (Go to Church, Worship Baby Jesus, Angels, Nativity scenes.) As far as I am concerned the frigging Christians can have their Christmas shit. We still got all the good stuff; Santa, flying reindeer, decorated trees (banned by the bible) gift giving, better songs, bright green and red clothing, cheer instead of praise, sleigh rides, Christmas morning, feasting of fisting if you like, candy, stocking hung by the fire, magic toy making elves, watching "Schrooged" again on TV, snow men, snowball fights, Christmas Caroling - all the fun songs are non-religious, and not spending the day in a dark, candle-lit room listening to some preacher moan on about the magical birth of some silly ancient mystical Jesus baby.l

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And don't forget A Christmas

And don't forget A Christmas Story about little Ralphie and his Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle (Wikipedia).


Dan Morris's picture
With a compass in the stock!

With a compass in the stock!

Tin-Man's picture


You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Rohan M.'s picture
@ArakishAnd don't forget A


And don't forget A Christmas Story about little Ralphie and his Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle (Wikipedia).

Ah, another thing conservatives love- their largely defensive weapons of gun.

arakish's picture
@ Rohan

@ Rohan

They are not only ones. I have a gun collection. Only two are used if necessary. One is a Desert Eagle I use when I am out in the yard due to bears, wolves, and coyotes (O! My!) that are around. The 10-guage shotgun is for bear hunting only, otherwise I hunt with a bow. All other guns I have are collector's items. Here is a list of some:

My great grandfather's WW1 army rifle he used.
My grandfather's WW2 army rifle and M1911 pistol.
A WW2 Luger actually owned by a former SS officer.
My father's Vietnam War M1911 pistol.
A WW2 Swiss Army Rifle.
My uncle's (died on 9-11) Vietnam War M16 rifle.
An authenticated Civil War musket rifle.

Just a partial list. The collector's items I almost never shoot. Just keep them cleaned and polished.

And I am neither Conservative or Liberal. I am neither Republican or Democrat. I am foremost a Human.

But like I said, I live where bears, wolves, and coyotes even come up onto the decks of the house. That is why my brother's son cannot play outside unless one of us takes him to a school friend's house into town. My brother despises guns. Me, I am indifferent. However, I fully agree that only certain persons should allowed to possess firearms. And some of those gun show sellers are some of them. Some them are real nut jobs. As said, I only carry that pistol when I am out in the backyard working, or bow hunting. It is defensive ONLY.


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Here’s yet another of my

Here’s yet another of my satires (to the tune of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”, a famous Xmas song written by Dr. Seuss)

You’re a mean one, Religious Right
You really are a heel
You’re as atheophobic as a Conservapedian,
With the scientific literacy of an eel,
Religious Right.

You hate atheists, Religious Right.
You think they’re waging a war on Christmas
You want them to leave America,
And you accuse them of endorsing Sharia,
Religious Right.

You’re a vile one, Religious Right.
You want to make America a Christian Iran
Your Wholly Buybull has all the moral sweetness of the Islamic Quran,
Religious Right.
Given the choice between the two of them,
I’d take the... Ugh... Do I have to pick? They’re both awful. I wouldn’t convert to either of them, even as a joke! Hmm... maybe this song just draws more attention to the Buybull.

You’re a foul one, Religious Right.
You’re a nasty, wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of hate and bile.
Your faith has the burden of proof, but of this you’re in denial.
Religious Right.

The three best words that best describe your persecution complex
Are as follows, and I quote:

You’re a bigot, Religious Right.
You think the holidays are all yours
You go to our houses to proselytize, and go banging on our doors,
Religious Right.

You nauseate me, Religious Right.
With a nauseous super-naus!
You’re a spineless toxic toadie,
Dipped in toxic, hateful sauce,
Religious Right.

You’re a Christmas cheer-hating broflake
And poisonous jockey,
Riding an arsenic horse!

There. Now we have yet another Christmas song. Even better- as y’all can probably tell, it’ll piss off so many folks! :)

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@Cognostic... watching


... watching Schrooged again on TV

While they watch a bunch of shitty persecution complex-based propaganda films like Saving Christmas and listening to whatever Fox News, FFAF, and Donald Rump will tell them about how atheists saying two words in late December starting with "H" is Politically Correct™ censorship... I even once heard some liberal- yes, liberal- students at my school griping about how atheists would, and I quote, "have a seizure" if they said "Merry Christmas" instead... and I asked them, "Well, I'm an atheist, and do you see me getting offended?"

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What war on Christmas? rmfr

What war on Christmas?


Rohan M.'s picture
The War On Christmas that us

The War On Christmas that us godless secularists are always supposed to wage each winter; just ask FOX News.

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Speaking of fun Christmas

Speaking of fun Christmas songs....


Cognostic's picture
LOL.... As soon as you

LOL.... As soon as you posted "fun Christmas song" that was the one that came to mind. If you had posted another I would have followed it with this one.

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Ending the "War on Christmas"

Ending the "War on Christmas" was a conservative Christian solution to a non-existent problem.
They just didn't like that Americans were acknowledging other religions' holidays celebrated during that time that were anything other than Christmas.

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The war on Christmas isn't

The war on Christmas isn't real?!? I was hoping to carpet bomb the North Pole this year!

Cognostic's picture
That sure would piss off a

That sure would piss off a lot of SNOWFLAKES! Ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha...

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I wouldn't mind Christmas so

I wouldn't mind Christmas so much if it was celebrated at a more pleasant time of the year.

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Yeah, like never again! rmfr

Yeah, like never again!


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As it says in Ecclesiastes 7

As it says in Ecclesiastes 7:2 (TLB) = "It is better to spend your time at funerals than at festivals. For you are going to die, and it is a good thing to think about it while there is still time."

Quote that when someone wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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Here's your War on Christmas!

Here's your War on Christmas!..... EAT LEAD, YOU PSYCHO BASTARDS!...



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