WARNING..... Danger.....

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WARNING..... Danger.....

OK Guys.......

Not sure how many of you are familiar with one Dennis Markuze....aka David Mabus...

Serial /serious Troll......(think Kenny multiplied by 500)


Well he's posting again...spotted posts from him on ATHEIST Forum & Atheism UK ......

posting under the title ..."For the Victims of the Afghan and Iraq Wars..."

His posts contain links.....


do not touch......

Just a post script...... it is of course possible that the poster may not be Markuze himself but one of his acolytes utilizing Markuze's old posts.

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Copy that watchman. Will

Copy that watchman. Will spread by way of PM to those who allow it.

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Done. All of the major active

Done. All of the major active members of the site have been alerted.

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Thanks, watchman, will keep a

Thanks, watchman, will keep a lookout for him.

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Thanks. I see Atheist Forums

Thanks. I see Atheist Forums has already spotted him. He is on probation for this stuff. Maybe he is off his meds.

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