Was the Apostle Paul a liar?

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I was a Baptist believer for

I was a Baptist believer for over 40 years, lived in a fundamentalist family who claimed to have studied the bible their whole lives. To this day, they think Paul was one of Jesus's disciples, the original 12 and he wrote his stuff while traipsing around with Big J.
WOW.... When I tell them he was an outsider who never knew J and had a migraine which left him tetched in the head years after Jesus supposedly flew the coop, they just look at me with a Homer Simpson stare.
Needless to say that this and a few other bombs have left us as "shunned" from most of family now. Yes, shunning is real!

LOL... Life can be a trip!

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And as he traipsed around, he

And as he traipsed around, he never went anyplace where a Christian Church was not already established and running well. The idea that Paul spread Christianity is a complete myth. Ready for the next one: "There are four different “Pauls” in the New Testament, not one, and each is quite distinct from the others. New Testament scholars today are generally agreed on this point."


1) Authentic or Early Paul: 1 Thessalonians, Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Romans, Philippians, and Philemon (50s-60s A.D.)

2) Disputed Paul or Deutero-Pauline: 2 Thessalonians, Ephesians, Colossians (80-100 A.D.)

3) Pseudo–Paul or the Pastorals: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus (80-100 A.D.)

4) Tendentious or Legendary Paul: Acts of the Apostles (90-130 A.D.)

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Thanks for the link,

Thanks for the link, Cognostic. I think I have joined the right forum. As a former believer, it was the story of Pauls migraine that took me on the long road out of the bubble and into the real world. I have covered a lot of ground on this kind of info since awaking but have not seen this particular topic. I am currently studying details of the documentary theory of OT (E,J,P,D sources) and love this kind of stuff!

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@FreeAtLast: You want to see

@FreeAtLast: You want to see "The Damascus Document." Paul was originally rejected. Fragment 40266, is titled by Eisenman and Wise, "The Foundation of Righteousness (The End of the Damascus Document: An excommunication text)."

"It appears to be the excommunication of Paul from the Christian Community. The document was prepared for a convocation of the followers of Christ at the time of the Pentecost, "to curse those who depart to the right (or to the left) of the Torah," that is, the law of Moses."

"Paul was such a man. Elsewhere he is described as "the Lying adversary," and the "Lying Spouter" who "rejects the law in the midst of the whole congregation", "the Tongue" and the "Scoffer/Comedian" who "poured over Israel the waters of lying."

REMEMBER: Paul's version of Christianity became the popular Roman brand of the faith. Christians today follow the teachings of Paul, Not Jesus. We know of Paul's teachings because very little remains of Christian sects who opposed him. With the military might of Rome. Paul's version of the faith was able to win out over those who objected.


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this isn't just your words

this isn't just your words this is truly acceptable and instructive video..


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