was i right?

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was i right?

If atheism offers you nothing and religion offers you everything why do you believe that there is no god

atheism dosent start wars desrcimante aginst anyone dosnt requrie faith it requries your own ideas it dosnt molaste kids or send bears to kill 42 kids drown the world make people ignornt it does not keep us from progressing it dosnt just say you must have faith when you ask a ? instead it says your right lets find out it dosnt kill anyone it dosnt keep us back it allows us to go forward thats why
about an hour ago

that is why

Even so god does not make anything happen it is all by choice and god said that there is only one way to the father and that is through Jesus Christ and anyone who decides because god gives everyone a choice and anyone who decides to not believe in him and trust his word is going to suffer for eternity

yes but even if there was a god i would not worship him

There is and he loves everybody gods only son died for the sins of every human being he loves you and does not want you to suffer for eternity I am sorry if you think this way I will pray for you

he sent his son to die no he didn't judes rated him out and Romans killed him he didn't go to Romans and say hey guys im supposed to die for u kill me please no he didnt and he last words on the cross was why has my god forsaken me he sounds like he had it all fiqured out right

Yes it was all gods plan at the last supper Jesus said to all his deciples that one of them would betray him for thirty peices of silver and god was sent here as a babe born from a virgin judas was supposed to rat Jesus out so he could die for your sins

explain the his last words on the cross was why has my god forsaken me

God is perfect and when he said that god had to turn away from Jesus because all of the worlds sins was placed on him and because god was perfect he could not be with him when all of our sins were placed on Jesus

dude just listen to yourself now


you sound so stupid now dude just cmon just look at your argument it makes nooooooooo sense

It makes complete sense

to a crazy person

If god is perfect and god and Jesus are one person, god had to forsake his son because god is perfect and all of the worlds sins were placed on Jesus

no sense

Ok do you have a bible?

my mom does

Ok if you read the bible for at least five to ten minutes a day or however long you want it will change your life and save you from eternal suffering

i have ive read it 10 times before i became an atheist because i realized how stupid it sounded and how many contradictions there were it makes no sense but if you insist ill read it again cause im willing to give it a shot ok?

Please do and I will pray that it impacts your life

ok sure no problem thank you



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Very difficult to follow. If

Very difficult to follow. If I'm reading it correctly, God is perfect...God put us here...God doesn't do anything anymore, it's all our choice and if we make the wrong choice...we suffer for eternity...but he loves us. Have I got that right? To answer your question...was I right...I think it might have been a mistake to bother reading the bible for the umpteenth time as requested. You could find all the contradictions and inconsistences you want but you won't deprogram this individual. On the other hand, you have given this individual a glimmer of hope that he might have a chance of converting you.

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I really don't understand why

I really don't understand why people view it as their mission to convince other people that they're right, especially in issues like these. I know that I can be quite convincing at times, and sometimes I will win an argument, but that alone doesn't make me right per se. It seems like any system, religion or otherwise, that is built on justifying your own beliefs based on the convincing of *others* is either missing (or hiding from) the point.

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I also can't comprehend what

I also can't comprehend what you're trying to say so I can't tell if you're right. Anyway, it seems that you're trying to pertain something idealistic. I'll appreciate it more if you will explain it further.

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You lost me there. This is

You lost me there. This is one of those times when I read and I just feel like I dont get the main idea.

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I am also lost, but i think

I am also lost, but i think he was chatting with someone religious about his atheism and put the whole conversation here...Will Elrod there is not such thing as right or wrong as a whole, you dont believe and that person does.

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You are right on the point

You are right on the point that his argument makes absolutely no sense. Actually, the entire conversation made very little sense, but I guess that's kind of inevitable when you're talking to an evangelical zombie.

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Why oh why did I dig up this

Why oh why did I dig up this post?! I have the worst headache from trying to decipher that message.I think it was coded for the flying spaghetti monsters or something.

SammyShazaam's picture
Mmm... flying spaghetti

Mmm... flying spaghetti monsters... makes me hungry :)

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Arguments about religions or

Arguments about religions or beliefs is very complex since more often, no one would accept what he/she believe is wrong and the other was right. All will look like they have their own points and will sound we know what we are talking about. :)

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