What is "alt-right" and why is dangerous.

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What is "alt-right" and why is dangerous.




Richard Painter (Conservative that served in the Bush Whitehouse) calls the alt-right as fascism in America.

Hugh Hewitt (Conservative talk show host) condemns Trump who says that Trump spoke out too late and too little.

Trump's first address of the Charlottesville tragedy was a dog-whistle speech that condoned the actions of the alt-right groups.
Trump incites racism and also is driving this nation to a major unnecessary war.
Trump is the most divisive figure in American history.

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From an outsiders perspective

From an outsiders perspective, it was funny at first! We looked on at you guys voting in someone with the political acumen of a boiled egg and a man with the class of Herman Göring...

However, somehow I think you guys need to find a way to get him removed from office.
He isn't fit to serve and is escalating problems around the world and is even splitting his own nation.

It's truly tragic.

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In a way Trump is the perfect man at the perfect time. He's forcing people to get out of their comfort zones. As a result he is accelerating change and people are starting to cast off the old suffocating blankets of the Jim Crow era. I doubt that would happen with a more likable and genial person as President. The movement to remove the Confederate statutes has really accelerated since he has been in office.

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The "alt-right" movement has

The "alt-right" movement has always existed in America. It has gone by many names and been led by many groups but they have always had the same objective. We will see if it loses more power over the next few years. It's taken some heavy body blows over the last few decades but it's still on its feet and punching.

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