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Sariel, anyone that proposes

Sariel, anyone that proposes a novel philisophical construct has to appreciate that the onus on them to be super clear about what they are stating. I am as Carl Sagan-esk as most, so I appreciate novel arguments and expansive perspectives. But your argument needs to be wrapped up in declarative, ultra clear language. And when people attempt to understand you and contest what they interpret from your remarks you'll be better served by understanding that you're proposing something novel and clarify yourself to the other person. Based on your very different interpretation of the concept of awareness, it is perfectly rational for someone to directly challenge you on something like consciousness. You are picking a fight with a smart ex-marine with a strong handle on reality and contempt for bullshit artists. I recommend that you shoot for clarity and steer clear of antagonism.

By the way, I like that poem you wrote.

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I am fine with people

I am fine with people challenging the proposal, as long as they aren't purporting that I am not explaining myself, when all it takes is a meta view of a few sentences or a paragraph to see that I really am. Reading carefully is as lost an art as writing elaborately, and I strive for both, being a Master of Arts in Anthropology. I also keep an eye out for bullshit, or baloney as Sagan would call it. For me, it's usually three strikes with people - if they are obstinate and reactionary after two of my attempts to be calm and clear, I will call a spade a spade.

And thank you for reading the poem!

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Sariel your an Atheist right?

Sariel your an Atheist right? Do you have proof that awareness is eternal? Or omnipresent?

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xenoview - Sariel your an

xenoview - Sariel your an Atheist right? Do you have proof that awareness is eternal? Or omnipresent?

At this point I'd be happy to get a hand waving argument.

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If you read through the

If you read through the thread (which may seem cumbersome), you'll see that Truett called me out on using the very term 'awareness' when its common parlance doesn't quite describe what I am getting at. Aside from that, reactions in our universe are a constant and this is perhaps because energy (say in the form of both light and dark matter) cannot be created or destroyed and is therefore everywhere, always. By using the word 'eternal,' I am calling out those people who believe in an afterlife of eternity as a "soul" that is relative to persona in life. Truly, I am referring to the expanse of the universe since the Big Bang and into the future of its estimatedly frigid existence until who knows what... and also, I side with some physicists who do not speculate that there is 'nothing' outside of our universe (outside of what the Big Bang was).

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Sariel - Ah, but the

Sariel - Ah, but the conclusion follows the argument against the existence of "souls," and it goes like this

Here try mine:

  • Floobiness is omnipresent and eternal, as it exists as the SU(1) reactionary fundament of action.
  • Only the self-floobiness, of higher mammals, trilobites, and birds, is unique. And it is impermanent.

Now try to construction my conclusion. Not so obvious is it? I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with Mountain Dew.

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We are at an impasse, and I

We are at an impasse, Nyarlathotep, and I will attempt sharing with you no further. Thanks for playing.

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So, reaction (physical

So, reaction (physical phenomenon known and cataloged) begets awareness (sensory perception in higher orders of animals, also known and cataloged), awareness is, then, eternal (allusion to all physical things immemorial), discharges us to propose the existence of a soul (allusion to eternal)? Philosophical, indeed, in Spandex.

I understand only one thing that drives all others and it's man's need to know he is purpose in and of himself. He desires to hold as factual that all things are satellites to him as he resides centric to some AI, the former thought granting him the highest order of an ethereal realm and the latter cloaking his conceit in humility. When he's not swinging for that fence he's deflecting the mother lode for a more humble pittance in the form of immortality. I also understand a general quality of life cannot be his reward without such hope so I freely grant him his imagination as a reward unto itself.


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