What is the best evidence for God?

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What is the best evidence for God?

The Jews. No seriously could you think of a group that has faced so many bloodbaths and survived. Maybe there is a rational explanation for it but damm the Jews have seen some shit all cuz some guy won a wrestling match. But what do you guys think of the Jews survival.it also disproves islam and Christianity kinda.

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@Biggus: "But what do you

@Biggus: "But what do you guys think of the Jews survival."

After the Diaspora, the Jews were barred from mainstream society in most European countries, so they had to survive on their wits. They became passionate about intelligence and education, and they gravitated in particular toward medicine, science, and finance. These occupations made them indispenable and wealthy, but every so often indebted rulers would decide that they needed to exile or wipe out some Jews in order to punish them for murdering a Jewish man who never existed (or in reality to balance their ledgers). The last to try that was Adolf Hitler.

So the Jews were limited to certain professions for religious reasons, and when they became successful they were persecuted for their success. That's how fairness is defined by Christian rulers.

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This proves a god how?

This proves a god how?

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It was a sarcastic statement

It was a sarcastic statement but I do find their survival remarkable especially the 6 day war victory.

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While there are no GOOD

While there are no GOOD arguments for god, the best arguments for god in my opinion are these: 1) That anything exists at all, and 2) That demonstrably intelligent people have believed in god for centuries. Everything in our daily experience with reality seems to support the cause-and-effect misnomer, and lots of people like Sir Isaac Newton have weighed the evidence and concluded that some god must exist. We know for a fact that both of these are terrible reasons. Reality is not cause-and-effect, and people being sure that the sun orbited the earth did not make it true, so like I say these are awful arguments, but they're the best religionists have.

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Sir Isaac Newton did credit

Sir Isaac Newton did credit God, but only when he could not figure something out. Which is valid for him given the limitations of his time and the high influence of the church. If he were around today, I'm pretty sure he'd be an all out Athiest.

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I completely agree. Sir

I completely agree. Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and the others who could tell something was wrong with god but couldn't put their finger on it would've loved to have known what we know now. They would've been Atheists and we might have discarded this whole affliction of the mind years ago. As it stands, it's up to people of today to untangle humanity from religion's bronze age knot.

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