What do I believe? Because I'm not sure

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What do I believe? Because I'm not sure

So, whenever people have asked my religion, I just say I'm not religious. I then usually get a reply related to something like "People who don't believe in God aren't people" but I don't really have an opinion on any gods if that makes sense. I definitely believe in evolution, and do not believe Adam and Eve ever existed. I do not have a problem with people's religions since they're their own person as long as they are OK with my beliefs. However, I am not OK with any religion that either puts humans or other animals in harm (and yes, I know people are animals.) For example, any religion that supports sacrificing any innocent animal human or not. Along with the fact that I believe people have no dominance over any animals and although we do basically "rule the world", we are not "put here" to be better and more important than any animal. Back to a god... I have no opinion on one. I don't prey or anything but I really don't know that to think about any gods. With what I have said above, would I be considered an Atheist? I have no problem with being an Atheist if so but I don't want to call myself something I'm not. I basically want to make sure I know what Atheism is.

P.S. I'm new to the site and this is my first post

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"People that don't believe in

"People that don't believe in God aren't people." A statement like that means that whomever says that to you does not respect you, OR your opinions. I would drop those persons like a hot potato...unfortunately, there are millions of them. That is what I mean when I say that religion is one of the most, if not THE most, damaging things on earth...people have absolutely NO TOLERANCE for anyone elses opinions, beliefs, or non beliefs. This is what leads to conflict among people, and countries. There is a constant battle of which god to worship, and you know what... people have been loosing their liveds over this nonsense for thousands of years...all over things that science, realty, and common sense tells you COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED, OR EXISTED!! If I told you that I beleive in a Rock and Roll God in the sky, who watches everything, and requires you to play a rock and roll song every day, and if you don't you will be crushed for all eternity by a guitar, would you believe it?? Well, religion is the same concept, only no one would believe in my Rock God...why... because there is no biblical significance to it. Same nonsense.

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Thanks, that makes a lot of

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

I spent several years with the same thoughts that you are describing.
As I live in a place where there is not that much pressure on being religious, it didn't matter much. I slowly became more and more aware of how I did not believe in a god, and after reading "The end of faith" by Sam Harris, I started to realize that religion is a major problem in today's world.

The definition of atheism is a subject of confusion, much because theists desperately want to define it as "belief that there is no god".
However, atheism is the negating state of "belief that there IS a god". In other words, "lack of belief in a god".
I do not have any belief that there is any god, as there is nothing that shows us that there actually is. There is no proof supporting the supernatural claims that any of a number of gods exists.

I am also an anti-theist, that believes that religion and superstition is doing more damage than it is doing good.

One thing many people seem to forget, especially theists, is that it is allowed to "not know".
For example, I don't know how the universe came to be (if it did came to be), but I think that the Big Bang theory is the best model we have today to explain it. But theists often feel the need to push for answers on questions like these.
"Your an atheist? Well what created the universe then, huh?!"
Just because science can't answer everything yet, does not give anyone the right to insert a supernatural entity as an answer. Yet they keep insisting to do that, and without any proof what so ever.

As an atheist, I doubt that there is a god (or gods). I can't be sure, but I think the chance/risk is extremely low. When it comes to the theist gods, like Yahweh and Allah those odds are non-existent, at least as far as their scriptures goes. They are full of logic holes, loops and contradictions. A deist god, that created everything and then has been more or less inactive is another matter. But if that god does not listen to prayers and does not judge us, what does it matter?

A few good videos, that might be of interest:

DarkMatter2525 - The Real God: An Epiphany

QualiaSoup: The burden of proof

Theist morals vs atheist morals.

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nice post

nice post

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That makes a lot of sense,

That makes a lot of sense, also I'm going to check out the videos. Thanks!

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It looks like you've got it

It looks like you've got it sorted out pretty well for yourself that you're an atheist. Now that you've got that behind you remember to live and let live. People who need gods and religion to get by on should not be expected to show much tolerance for those who don't. They do not understand how anyone can cope without it and that bothers them. They think we all should be from the same mold they are. It's best to keep your persuasion to yourself outside of a safe circle of family and friends.

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I'll definitely keep that in

I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks

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Welcome to the site! Be

Welcome to the site! Be cautious about discussing your non-belief at your job.

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hey, just fyi, it's safe to

hey, just fyi, it's safe to conclude there is no god. No evidence for it. Would you be agnostic about santa? Maybe he is in a underground hatch. Maybe that's why we cant find him. Would you consider that plausible at all? It's the same with god. Until evidence comes to light, we can conclude there is no god. Period.

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Santa brought me presents

Santa brought me presents every Christmas for years, and THAT is what I call good, solid proof. Santa comes through.

God on the other hand....

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Atheism is simply a lack of

Atheism is simply a lack of belief in god or gods. So if you do not assert a firm belief in one or more gods, that's what you are. Very simple, really. I read your post and didn't see a firm belief asserted therein, so... as far as I can tell, you're an atheist. It is just a default position for anyone who hasn't asserted belief. Nothing more. Atheists may have other views as well, but those are above and beyond the simple and basic lack of assertion of belief that constitutes atheism.

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