What do you think about religion?

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What do you think about religion?

I come from a somewhat religious background from my family and was wondering what your thoughts are on religion as a whole or in parts?

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I think religion is an

I think religion is an unnecessary, outdated concept.

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Religion is mythology posing

Religion is mythology posing as morality.

Religion is the off-switch for thought and reason.

Religion is a dangerous, divisive death cult that teaches people to hate different believers/non-believers, and to devalue this life.

Religion is a confidence trick, protection racket and generally dishonest process involving the use of deception, fear and trickery to capture people's money and minds.

Religion is great stuff for keeping the common folk quiet. (Napoleon)

I struggled to find something good to say but I will admit that religion creates some really amazing hats. And evangelists all seem to have great teeth.

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Religion is one of the main

Religion is one of the main causes of human conflict. The others being nationalism and ideology. Try having a war without any of them.

Even many religionists who believe in god (or gods) acknowledge that religion is man-made, not god-given. Obviously there isn't a "correct one". (Nor as Indonesia insists are there only six acceptable ones with no need to mention disbelievers).

Religion persists because it is parent-given and children are taught to associate it with morality and everything that's good by those who love them. From that perspective it is unintentional child abuse.

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I think religion and

I think religion and superstition in general, always was and still is a natural side effect of intelligent minds trying to make sense of the world. It probably was inevitable and even necessary in our history.

Education is denied for many and indoctrination begins early. Some have a desire to believe, love of mystery and traditions and fear of letting go, etc. Making people cling to their beliefs. Then there is the constant use of religion to gain and maintain power over others.

These days the human race has gathered more than enough knowledge to completely reject religion. And unjustified beliefs are only holding the human race back, causing pain, suffering, death, overpopulation and short sighted thinking.

If humanity are going to survive, religion can't be allowed to govern politics, laws and education. People need to wake up, soon.

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I think about it as little as

I think about it as little as possible. But to be fair, I also spend very little time thinking about unicorns, ghosts and fairies..

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It's a shield. People duck

It's a shield. People duck behind it to protect themselves from exposure to their own doubts.

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