What do you think of Nassir Sidiki? How about Sid Roth?

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What do you think of Nassir Sidiki? How about Sid Roth?


Alright, before you tell me how silly I am for posting this question, I am only a young teen so I am still very ignorant.The link I have provided is the shortest version I could find. Nassir (former Muslim)was also on "It's Supernatural with Sid Roth".
His claim is that at the Toronto General hospital, he had shingles so bad that he was expected to die. One night, he sees a bright light and this bright light is Jesus who tells him everything will be ok. Jesus then uses the Christian version of religious names. For example, instead of using the name Ishmael, he uses "Isaac". What is your opinion about this? Also, what do you think about Sid Roth and his show? He claims to witness miracles and has contestants who claim to have survived diseases that were deemed "incurable". Also, there is one case where a guy apparently grows back one of his limbs. The one thing I do however find strange is that there are no medical records to back this up.

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I never heard of any of them

I never heard of any of them before.

Nassir Sidiki

A quick google on "Nassir Sidiki" gave me several sites that "expose fake ex-muslim Nassir Sidiki".
It seems to be a "thing" these days to make "Muslim converted to Christianity" videos.

- "instead of using the name Ishmael, he uses "Isaac". What is your opinion about this?"

Probably conscious deception. Could just as well be confabulation (memories adjusted after the fact).

Of course, there are people who switch from all religions to other religions, all the time. They are just switching one set of superstitious beliefs for another set of superstitious beliefs.

Sid Roth

What a sham.

Edited to add:

All of this is "evidence" and "proof" that is nothing but their spoken, personal interpretations. In many cases probably conscious deception to make money, self deception, denial, confabulation, etc.

Note that: Even if the do believe in what they say 100%, it's in no way an indication that what they say is true.

There are similar con artists in every religion and within specific domains of superstitions. How could it be determined witch one would be the one speaking the truth? How could it be determined if anyone of them is speaking the truth?

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@The Pragmatic

@The Pragmatic
Do you think it could also be that Nassir Sidiki did actually hear some of the Christian variants because he grew up in England? I mean, I feel that England is predominantly Christian, so is it plausible to assume that he had exposure to some of the Christian customs, and that is why he may have thought he saw Jesus?

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@ port222

@ port222

Absolutely. It seems that most of these "converted Muslims" have been exposed to Christianity earlier.

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You where quick to answer!

You where too quick to answer! :)
I edited and added to my response a bit.

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Nassir Sidiki is a renowned

Nassir Sidiki is a renowned figure in the spiritual realm, known for his insightful teachings and profound wisdom. His dedication to empowering others spiritually resonates deeply. Sid Roth, likewise, offers valuable insights through his platform, enriching countless lives with his perspectives. For more on spiritual growth, check out https://medium.com/@wiccap/about

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