What is good about Good Friday?

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What is good about Good Friday?

Catholics believe that Good Friday reminds us that Christ was crucified to save our sins so they called it Good Friday.
For theists and atheist out there, what is your view and opinion about Good Friday. Is it really something Good that we have to celebrate it and make it really special?
When I was a Catholic, this day is very special for me, I usually confess, visit churches and abstain just to make it extra special. I really once believed that Jesus died that day, and everything that I was doing pleases god.
Now that I'm no longer a Catholic, it a boring day for me. The whole week is boring! This morning, I planned to go to a mall to forget the heat of day, but unfortunately I found out that it was close and tomorrow Friday, it will also be close. It really sucks! Catholicism had influenced the world that much! Instead other people can enjoy, now they are obliged to feel the aura of so-called Holy Week.
Good Friday, is nothing special for me. I was fooled for years believing that it's good! All establishments are close. TV are filled with religious blah blah blah! Neighborhoods are quite! It's the most boring day of the year! Glad there's internet to make me forget about it..

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Well like you said, to them

Well like you said, to them it represents a very important day, but to people who are not brainwashed it's just another friday.

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What is good about anything

What is good about anything if you feel like you are being manipulated?

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For more than 20 years I was

For more than 20 years I was manipulated to believe that good friday is the most special friday in a year. Well now, it's the most boring friday and non-productive friday in a year.

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I did not celebrate Good

I did not celebrate Good Friday. I did, however celebrate "Shake Your Ash Wednesday" with George Clinton and P Funk at what turned out to be an *epic* concert with huge alien puppets. Much better than another midnight mass!

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