What I have to Deal with on a Daily Basis.

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What I have to Deal with on a Daily Basis.

I'm not going to share opinions here, only comments from stupid Theists who will boil your mind into complete irritation you're going to beg you don't have to deal with this in real life.

1st Theist Comment - I'm sorry I forgot that those people or maybe even you, where there when it happened. Since you're so smart and all. Like I said just believing crap that another human being made up and claims to be a scientist. Doesn't believe in the Bible cause its written by men but believes in the book of science, a book also written by men. Makes perfect sense to me. Gosh you're smart. Maybe you're God. 

2nd Theist Comment - You can't prove anything either . You're basically just falling for crap you're reading (he's was regarding me reading Evidently Correct books). That's ok though if you believe in books you read but I can't. You're stuff is way more intelligent, right. It all goes right back to what I posted in my first comment to you. Thanks for highlighting my point. Give yourself another pat on the back for me. This time put a atta boy in there too.

3rd Theist Comment - Atheism
The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs.
Makes perfect sense to me!! (Yes, makes you want to kill yourself)

4th Theist Comment - Like I said you're to smart. Lol Religion is the problem. Just look at North Korea, Soviet Union, Cambodia etc...Look how the people are prospering their. Lol I'm the idiot though. Give yourself a pat on the back for me. 

Please, comment, share your Thoughts, obvious, angry thoughts.

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If you live in a highly

If you live in a highly religious area be careful about admitting your an atheist. Their kids may vandalize your house!

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* What I have to deal with in

* What I have to deal with in a daily basis ON THE INTERNET.

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You choose to live with it

You choose to live with it and let it irritate you.

Here's the deal, Sparky (Jack Nicholson's line and in his best voice)...

Theism is a doctrine. It is not based in fact. You do not have to prove that point to anyone and even theists promote it as a faith, knowing fact eludes them at every argument. Do you understand? If so, to cobble up an argument to persuade someone who cannot be persuaded is an effort and mindset you already know is not a topic to be found in the great book of cranial champions. Nor does that book capture any instance of historical genius within the ranks of theism.

They, for their necessary part in the argument, merely have to say atheism is their god's way of keeping their faith strong should they succumb to a weaker moment and lose some ground.

In the vast expanse of the mind there lies a point with a corresponding counter point anyone can reach in and grab if they have such an imagination. Theists, without a necessary revelation or other secular witnessing to speak for itself, have developed such an imagination and use it, or in reality, are used by it, to keep their strength (immortality) and hope (gods) alive. Everyone, including the theists themselves, knows this.

Meaning -

The world is arguing a facade and it knows it. The joke is so unimpeachable at this juncture that it can only be fed because vanity alone is now no longer an acceptable loss to theism, never mind the secular truth it's current defenses are built to ward off.

Theists come here weak to attempt a position of strength, which is also a topic absent from the great book of cranial champions. That would be in the great book of Phishing Baits which is on the shelf next to the book of The Hunting Blind and (usually) a strategically placed edge-proud copy of The Preying Theist.

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Answer for the Qur'anic

Answer for the Qur'anic question if you have an answer
"were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain." Qur'an 52:35-36

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What comes to think here, is

What comes to think here, is the the first question itself. You are basically saying that WE CREATED OURSELVES, but we can't CREATE OURSELVES when we previously didn't exist. But you confuse CREATION with EVOLUTION, we ALREADY EXISTED, we BECAME what we are now, we EVOLVED. We are related to every Living being one way or another.
"Or did they create the heavens and the earth?" - The Earth was made, but not by us, it was formed from the Supernova, while the Heaven, that is a fantasy of the Mind.
"They are not certain." - No, they aren't, neither Certain nor Uncertain, just Afraid to Answer, for those who are still thinking about this.

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Islam ......

Islam ......

If you have an actual question...... start your own thread ...rather than trying to usurp the thread of some body else's ....

but you are going to need a bit more than just a random Quranic quote.....

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