What just happened?

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What just happened?

OK, some threads, and a swathe of posts just disappeared?

What new hell is this? It looks like the clock was turned back a week or so, and everything posted in the interim has vanished?

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Did you have too good a

Did you have too good a saturday night sheldon?

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It was a Corker, but posts

It was a Corker, but posts and threads just disappeared. Seriously...that steaming pile of woo woo the moral nihilism thread went from 5 pages of nonsense down to just 2?

And yes, I see the irony of pointing this out thank you.

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My password was rejected, but

My password was rejected, but I'm not getting that Cloudflare "Checking your browser" screen any more, so maybe we're back to normal.

Let's see if this post evaporates.

Edit: Nope. I was able to post normally.

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seems like "last good version

seems like "last good version" was a reset....and here we are.

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It would seem so. Yay....

It would seem so.


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My bananas! My bananas!

My bananas! My bananas! Where in the hell are my bananas! I know I left them here. Chimp3 you bastard, did you go and move my bananas? Or was it that oily greaseball TinMan? Wait! Old man! Come here! What is that yellow stuff on your shirt? Is that banana juice. Get over here and let me smell you. Where in the hell did my bananas go? I know, RatSpit stole them. He can't be trusted. Damn, I know they are around here someplace. Sheldon? Have you been adding bananas to your diet lately? Damn! Where are they? I think the mods came and stole them away.

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...*inconspicuously hiding

...*inconspicuously hiding banana peel behind back*... Uh, haven't seen your bananas, Cog, but I'll keep an eye out for them, ol' buddy. And, uh, yeah, you might definitely want to check Rat Spit's den. You know how much rats like to scavenge stuff. As for what happened on the site this morning, I have a theory....

God tried to shut us down again.... And he MISSED! HAH!

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I don't want to talk about

I don't want to talk about that yellow stain. And you seriously do not want to smell me. I am off home for a very hot bath and a scrub with Lysol...and if Tin Man ever climbs up on a chair and says he will show you a way to scare off bears........HA!.....


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@Old Man Re: Yellow stain

@Old Man Re: Yellow stain and scaring off bears

HEY! You didn't complain at the time. And did you get attacked by any bears during my demonstration?... NO! So, there! It obviously works. And a little bleach and cold water will (usually) help get rid of the stain. If not, I suggest kerosene and a blowtorch.

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@ TM

@ TM

I didn't complain as I didn't want to open my mouth your titanium clad clanker!
Sheesh. I will just have a wash off with some Lysol and if that doesn't work then a rub down with some bike chain oil should get rid of the worst of it...."trust me he says" " this is a sure fire way of scaring off bears" he says...I got narrowly missed by 3 drop bears on my way home, fortunately the wombat ate them as they landed...it obviously only works on N. American bear varieties...I didn't see any of them.

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@Old Man Re: "I got

@Old Man Re: "I got narrowly missed by 3 drop bears on my way home..."

*rubbing back of neck*... *looking away in embarrassed manner*... Oh, uh... *clearing throat*... *cough*... Yeah, ummm, sorry about that. I, uh, forgot to mention my method does not work on drop bears. Yeah... Uh, my bad on that... *sudden realization look*... OH! Do NOT use Lysol! No-no-no-no-no! NO Lysol! You do NOT want to do that! Not on THAT stain. Please don't ask why. Just take my word for it. (I still have nightmares about the last time somebody did that.... *shudder*...)

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Banana juice is yellow? You

Banana juice is yellow? You know you're not meant to eat the skins right.

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I had a long post that

I had a long post that disappeared when I tried to submit (I hadn't gotten into the habit of copying) so I machine-gun clicked "Back" until I found the data again. I then tried to re-post it and got locked out of posting as a hacker/threat. If I can post again, I'm happy.


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It would appear that Old Man

It would appear that Old Man is right. It looks like a reset to an earlier date has sorted things.

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"Lets do, the time warp..

"Lets do, the time warp...againnnnnn"

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