What is reality?

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What is reality?

Has any one thought of religion on the basis of neurological point? i mean it all has to do with our brain. be it religion be it patriotism be it what ever. How do we even know the very perceptions we have about the way we live are real? Like my mother tongue is my mother tongue not because i was born speaking in it.. but rather my 1st means of communication to other humans. So it is something i learned.
My point here being when ever we talk of a something we believe or accept as a ultimatum , we keep a very simple hidden assumption our human scenes are perfect or absolute. but what if our very cognition system is the source of this problem?
what if our very idea of reality is flawed ? like the idea of Xray is a myth if we assume our eyes can see the whole of electromagnetic wave spectrum.
But we all know how bad our eyes are and hence we rely on instruments that are vastly superior to our eyes and scenes.

I am a mechanical engineer by profession. So if any one could explain it in details it would be helpful.

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I am pretty sure I responded

I am pretty sure I responded to this in another thread...or maybe it was a delusion...who knows.

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Every person's reality is

Every person's reality is subjective. Every individual is likely to have a different perception of reality. However, much like the scientific process requires repeatable experiments to determine validity, we require repeatable observations to validate reality.

To give an example, let's look at grass. A majority of people would agree that grass is green. Now, green is just the linguistic term we use to apply to the color. However, if you asked multiple people to look at grass and then pick a matching color from a box of crayons. A majority of people are going to pick the same crayon, if it is a larger box of crayons then they will at least pick within the same range of colors. Because a majority of the people pick the same crayon we can reasonably assert that grass is green. We can even use tools to measure the frequency of light reflected by grass and a green crayon and determine that they roughly share the same frequency. That adds one more repetition to confirm that the grass is green.

Long story short, we are able to validate our reality through the collaborative agreement of multiple subjects. The more subjects who agree to a certain reality the higher the probability that the reality is truth.

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Perceptible reality is

Perceptible reality is collective. Individual interpretation of reality is flawed by sensory data.

Existential angst is a byproduct of your brain merging the two together.

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Isn't it common knowledge?

Isn't it common knowledge? The pattern-recognition skills inherent in our DNA that allows us to determine logical things in a fraction of a second is also responsible for the image of the virgin Mary imprinted on my toast. Well, not my toast, but somebody's. I say common knowledge but maybe it's only common to us that understand the concept.

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The virgin Mary? I just keep

The virgin Mary? I just keep getting Stephen Hawking.


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