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What is REALLY the issue.

Okay, ImFree is out of his head mad at me. Why? Because I called him a racist. Why did I call him a racist? Because he produced as evidence a YouTube video made by a famous racist.

But let's look at what ImFree really wanted to say. There is a phenomenon called "The Knock Out Game." Young angry black kids randomly choose a white victim and cold-cock that person in an effort to knock them out. ImFree sees that the mainstream media is under-reporting these crimes. That may or may not be true. At any rate, ImFree believes it.
The thing is that this crime may be racially motivated but it isn't isolated to blacks attacking whites.


The truth is that blacks attacking whites in this manner far outstretch the other way around. And yes, it is under-reported. The fact is that local news reports it but the nationals see it as simple assault. However major political minded sources that are highly biased make it a top priority and add racist commentary to go with the story.

So being the crazy old shit I am I am now apologizing to ImFree for calling you a racist. I should have just pointed out that your source is racist. I'm sorry. But, keep in mind that the national media doesn't have a racial political agenda for not fully reporting this game. they have bigger fish to fry. And your source is trying to sensationalize this story.

Now ImFree, you can continue your campaign against me, I don't really care. Call me what you want, accuse me of what you will. This thread is not an effort to stop you from doing that. What is meant to do is to be clear about the issue, and to show you that I actually do understand what you intended.
I am sure you have desperately TRIED to find information about this knock out game story. The problem is that there is hardly anything that doesn't come from white supremacist sources that are sensationalizing it for their own purpose. Therefore you appear to be a racist for using the only sources that you have.

Does that clear things up? I certainly hope so.

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Certainly makes a lot of

Certainly makes a lot of sense on your end. I wish you guys better exchanges as we move forward.

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Thanks, Secular. You are such

Thanks, Secular. You are such a steady sort.

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I am for one happy to hear

I am for one happy to hear what you have said, you cleared things up a bit. At first I seen you call him a racist; he was getting carried away but then again so were you. I had to speak up and say something at least, because I saw you calling him a racist for judging people for the color of their skin, while you judge people for just about everything, from their beliefs and intellectually ability to their background and where they come from, to even what media source they listen to.

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Ahhh, now that clears things

Ahhh, now that clears things up, was getting confused between your comment exchanges in his "Knock-Out" post.

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Well done, Mykcroft4. I'll

Well done, Mykcroft4. I'll bet this was a tough post to write; it speaks highly if your intellectual honesty and your regard for the truth. I hope it is received well by Imfree. We are a richer group when we have passionate members who challenge each other with contrary viewpoints in civil debate. I don't want to be in a monolithic group; the socratic method depends on the willingness to challenge and question our deepest convictions, and disagreement is a reliable mechanism for generating those penetrating questions. So I like seeing remarks by both of you guys.

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Nah it wasn't hard. I don't have an ego. I could care less what people call me. I just wanted to get straight what was actually going on. ImFree may very well be a racist. His sources definitely were. I seem to attract the nut cases. They are all weak and have no game but apparently, it was confusing the rest of the board so I had to clear it up.

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