What think atheists about islam?

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What think atheists about islam?

My name is Selim and i am a Turkey muslim.I have 2 friends one turkish muslim and one arab muslim who become now atheists and 1 friend arab muslim who become Christian to Coptic Church....My huestion is what think stheists about islam and muslims and is it true that atheists who in past are mudlims and become atheists now hate the God and religious muslim people?

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I was muslim till 7 years

I was muslim till 7 years ago. Now i am atheist and i hate god and religious beliefs .i am from a religious country (IRAN) which was ruled by Islamic injustice laws . too many injustice by caused by people of Allah .
so i hate Islam and it book's because it harms people. and i see Muslims just as people who deny to be Informed and have the feel of compassion for them.
although easy answers is for easy minds.


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Religious30, you ask if

Religious30, you ask if atheists hate Islam and muslims. Some probably do, some probably don't. That question cannot be answered. Everyone is an individual with their own thoughts and feelings. Not all muslims think the same and neither do all who are atheist.

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No, just because you become

No, just because you become an atheist does not mean you hate god and the Muslim people. You have a good question Selim but the foundation of atheism is stopping the discrimination by religion. You can still love, friends or family who are muslin even though you disagree with them, religion should not matter whether you love or hate someone, judge people by their actions and character.

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The only thing I can say

The only thing I can say about all atheists is that we arw a wildli disparate group. Frequently our only point if intersection is a disbelief in deities. As to hating Islam and Allah - I dislike Islam because of the way it treats women, denies just about all its members human rights, squelches independent thinking and encourages violence. Do I hate Allah? Let me put it this way. I dislike cold weather. Does that mean I hate Jack Frost? How can I hate what doesn't exist.

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The DancingFool....

The DancingFool....
Has it exactly right.....it is no more rational to fear something that does not exist than it is to worship that which does not exist......

As to Islam...it is nothing more than just another rendering of the Abrahamic myth cycle......containing no more truth than Judaism or Christianity...

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watchman is right. Without

watchman is right. Without Judaism Islam would not exist.

I would not feel safe being open about my atheism in an Islamic nation but I would feel safe in Italy or Israel.

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In all walks of life we will

In all walks of life we will observe and ponder the relationships we encounter that challenge us to make sense of through our own personal psyches. By those observations we learn about ourselves, how we came to think the way we do and, hopefully, make the personal effort to see through the eyes of those we observe rather than turn a blind hateful eye to them. Communication and the understanding it nurtures is a powerful thing that is brand new to us with the advent of these types of discussion boards.

Hate, which is a topic that baits people to be their best or their worst, will one day disappear from the human landscape and leave in its wake the healing wounds of centuries of divisive intolerance and misunderstanding. I won't be around to see it happen but I am seeing the spark of its beginnings.

More to the point, the recluse hates the society he shuns but his life is meaningless without it. Once he understands the full weight of that relationship he will conclude what he holds important is his alone to temper and tolerate. His wounds are largely of his own imagining. We are all reclusive. Once we recognize the folly of that a natural easing of intolerance will see the light of day. This is what I'm beginning to see in the form of people speaking their minds about the divisiveness they see and the courage to bring it and themselves to the resolution floor.

Atheism is, in a large way, intolerant of the intolerance for unity and the mountain of affectations men have been imbued with that keep them divided. Religion is at the top of that mountain. Muslims are just a part of the community of men who champion divisiveness versus global unity. Until they can uncloak their common humanity they so carefully guard as a weakness, rather than as their true measure of strength, they will continue to repulse each other. In the meantime, atheists will patiently bide their time waiting for it to pass.

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While I can't speak for other

While I can't speak for other atheists, I can speak for myself, and that's really the only way to give a useful answer to this question. Islam, like other Abrahamic religions, is homophobic, misogynistic, and generally intolerant. It presents a god that, though being all-powerful and above all human and natural influences, is somehow so petty and insecure that he would send someone who doesn't believe in him into entire hellfire. That in itself makes me disregard Islam as nonsensical. But the notion of Muhammad, a warlord who spread Islam by the sword with his followers, being an inspiring figure is truly worrisome to me (and while many Muslims cast this criticism aside, claiming that his acts of violence were in self-defense, this claim has been rebuked time and time again; just look comparable maps of the Middle East when Islam just started emerging and at the time of Muhammad's death).

While I know that the majority of Muslims don't plan on committing the acts of jihad he did, I don't find peace in the fact that this homophobic, misogynistic, violent and intolerant man is looked up to. We could do without this religion. But I have nothing against Muslims themselves. I judge everyone on a case-by-case basis, as people should.

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After becoming an Atheist, I

After becoming an Atheist, I hate it when I am made to bow before an modified rock. I hate when someone tells me that a child is bad luck to a family because it was born in non-auspicious time. But do I hate my mom and dad, no. Yes I do hate when my mother makes me visit temples and wants me to beg god for a child. In that context do I hate (concept of) God and religion. Yes, I do. But do I hate all who believe in them - No I dont. Hope it gives clarity.

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What do I think of islam? I

What do I think of islam? I think all religions are dangerous and islam is no exception.

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What do I think of islam? I

What do I think of islam? I think all religions are dangerous and islam is no exception.

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I categorically hate all

I categorically hate all religions and those who advocate, or dogmatically follow a religion.

All religions are expressly created to control, manipulate, oppress, suppress and repress the people's within its sphere of influence.

The most dangerous of these is Islam - there is no country on Earth, where Islam is the primary religion, that social unrest, war, civil war, discrimination, misogyny, hate and Intolerance are not found.

As an Atheist and Humanist, I cannot tolerate something that is so evil.

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I think Islam today is where

I think Islam today is where Christianity was in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It operates on the mushroom principle (keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of manure) in order to maintain a devoted following of ignorant, frightened, and superstitious people. The Christian church 500 years ago was easily hijacked by fanatics and war-mongers, including popes, kings and mad monks like Savanarola. Human progress was held back, and horrible atrocities were committed. That's where Islam is now.

The Christian church didn't evolve beyond that state of its own accord. It was dragged unwilling into a better future by the emergence of democracy, science, and respect for human rights. It is now in its death throes. I hope that Islam will be dragged forward more quickly, thanks to modern communications. Hopefully both Christianity and Islam will be eradicated in the next few decades, together with other infectious diseases.

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Oh! I hope you're right.

Oh! I hope you're right.

Islam is so anti-human. Only a psychopath could think up such an evil religion.

Time for its demise.

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Some of my best friends are Muslim, but they aren't the type of people that drown themselves in religious doctrine. They never lose sight of what is really good in life. Like some of the better Christians, they have no need to attack atheism and other religions.

Atheists reject belief in a god or gods. Therefore, they don't "hate God" any more than they would hate some fictional villain. What they hate is the irrational, self-righteous, intolerant side of religion, something that divides people and feeds fear, hatred, and the violence and mind control that goes with them. Of all the major religions, I think Islam is the worst. It's not by chance that rational thinkers are routinely murdered in those countries.

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