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What would you do?

What would you do if you see someone preach hate in a train or any public transportation or location? Would you let them preach or say something back?

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I have seen countless people

I have seen countless people preach all kinds of things in public transportation and even at some sports events i have attended. My advice is to never say anything to them. These people are usually not very stable, and unless they are raving about an injustice done to them or their families, i never even bother listening.

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I have a short fuse for this

I have a short fuse for this kind of people. I usually just look at them and laugh in their face. Unless like Rob said, they are complaining about something truly wirth supporting. But if it involves jesus or allah i would throw tomatoes at them if it wasnt illegal.

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To keep from making a serious

To keep from making a serious situation of this, I would not say a thing. I, unfortunately, have had experience with these people. My father was a devout, hardcore, bible banging Christian. By that, he and his fellow Christians would typically do this kind of thing often. They are usually pretty out there to be preaching to the public and to quote Rob, "These people are usually not very stable...". I can vouch for this.

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What if someone was preaching

What if someone was preaching homophobia? Like this one where someone said something back?


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that's a great video, thanks

that's a great video, thanks for posting :)

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Anyone who preaches religious

Anyone who preaches religious beliefs in public is usually deranged and not very open to dialogue. Do not waste your time with these kind of people.

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I won't waste my time

I won't waste my time listening to people while they are speaking out the negativity within them. There are also public preachers that asks for donation after they talked. Such scheme is really annoying so listening to them is just a waste of time.

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I wouldnt waste my time. I

I wouldnt waste my time. I would juts move to a differnt location away from the "preacher".

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You can't really have a

You can't really have a normal conversation with people like that. I'm religious but I'd never preach in public. It's not my business to change other people's beliefs.

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Its a total waste of time and

Its a total waste of time and putting yourself in to the temptation of arguement. I'll just move on and wait till I get to my destination. When you don't show sign of caring to listen, he or she will either shout up or feel embarrase and will not try such in the future if you accidentally meet again.

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I would just keep quiet. That

I would just keep quiet. That is their belief, and I have my own beliefs. I'd just respect what they believe in. Also, if someone is preaching hate, that person would most probably not think twice about hurting me if I say anything.

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That's a tough question for

That's a tough question for me, actually. While I'd like to be the best person possible and stop these people from spouting hate... I also can't stop them, on principle, from speaking their minds. I'd hate for someone to feel like they had to do that to me. I'm entitled to my opinion, and them theirs.

I can tell them that I don't agree with them, but in most cases they're just offensive lunatics who will take that as bait and try to make fools out of both of us.

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Some of these people also

Some of these people also have psychological disorders and they are no longer aware with what they are doing. I hope authorities will not allow such preachers in the public areas because it can only affect the attention of other people and it can even lead to accidents.

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Lol, psychological disorders!

Lol, psychological disorders!

I have seen so many people hospitalized for believing that they are Jesus, but when a crazy person next to me believes that *someone else* is Jesus, he gets to walk free. To Church!

I don't believe in psychological disorders any more than I do religion. I'm a woman of science, after all.

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I am a very confrontational

I am a very confrontational person due to a brain injury so I guess I would say something about what they are preaching. We all have freedom of speech but that freedom comes with responsibilities also.

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"What would you do?"

"What would you do?"

i won't waste my time on it. but if he/she approaches me, then that's a different scenario..*evil grin*

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Ignore the idiot. He is looking for a fight. I live in Korea. The last time a street preacher approached me in a bus station, he tried to address me in English. I responded to him in German and told him I did not speak English. There are times and places for confrontations. Waiting for a bus is just not one of them.

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I'd probably move away as

I'd probably move away as soon as possible, as I have no desire to be stabbed or blown up.

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