When Rape is Okay

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When Rape is Okay


LOL loved it.

Theists before you sprout your nonsense chew on your previous claims:

-Objective morality, God does not make mistakes, what was true before is true now.

-Bible is the truth, God himself was monitoring it's publishing, INSPIRED BY GOD

-Jesus is GOD the father, Or did he come to fix the mistakes of the father?

-Some parts of the bible are stories. So which part is not a story and on what bases do you think it is not a story?

-What qualities does the old god Yahweh have in common with the new god of Jesus? I can only see that they both agree on slavery.

Thank goodness that we base our lives on subjective moral values and not on an outdated moral code.

This is how life would be if inspired by that horrible evil book you call the bible:


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On one hand it is hilarious

On one hand it is hilarious and on the other pitifully sad! This psychopathic tyrant kills large numbers of innocent children for non-violent offenses, condones murder, rape, theft, genocide, lying, etc., He condemns people to infinite torture. He orders his mindless sycophants to hack thousands of toddlers to pieces with their swords.

How can anyone claim that such a God is "all good"? The lack of morality boggles the mind! The so called son is not much better, he approves of slavery too!

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There is no reason to say

There is no reason to say that the god create by the bible is the ever merciful or loving one. On the other hand, Jesus is calmer than Yahweh, yeh maybe he just corrected some issues in the old testament. Infinite torture is something that a simple moral person can't do, how much more by a good god? Therefore, the god in the bible doesn't deserve to be what the people so-called loving god.

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