who is the islamophobic

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who is the islamophobic

I criticize islam a lot because I know enough about it to criticize it. Isn't it funny that they call me islamophobic for stepping up without fear criticizing islam as an ideology. Yet they are the ones that are fearful of being called politically incorrect. So what do you think them or me who seems to be filled with phobia

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First off, a phobia is an

First off, a phobia is an irrational terror of something, and given the actions of Islamists lately I cannot consider a healthy fear of being shot or blown sky-high an "irrational fear". Secondly, I can somewhat understand the reticence of people to conflate all Muslims with Jihadists, but that seems rather moot when a great majority of Muslims actually do believe that Islam should conquer the Earth and Sharia Law should be implemented on a global scale. If the only difference between them is their methods, and not their goals, then I would hardly call them separate camps of people...

Finally, there can be no doubt that there is something within the religion of Islam that supports and promotes such goals, and certainly does not seem to be very picky about how it is accomplished. Attempting to divorce the blame of these atrocities from the religion that endorsed and inspired it, is little different that divorcing blame for the holocaust from the Nazi Party, it is foolish and the greatest kind of abortion of actual justice.

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I agree with you and i want

I agree with you and i want this kind of mentality that tries to stop us from criticizing islam should be abolished or we have to call them "Scopophobia" because it is who they are even if i can't say they all are. isn't this a sign of political correctness taking us to the wrong direction. Another interesting thing is that criticising islam and judaism can make you called a racist just like criticising christianity can make you asked how much does the illuminati pay you. isnt it funny how it is hard to face three of the worlds most controlling religions under condition since they are full of stereotypes.

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The people who accuse others

The people who accuse others of racism for religious criticism are actually the perpetrators of it, because those religions transcend racial boundaries, the religion itself is practiced by a variety of races. Anyone who would conflate the criticism of the religion, with the criticism of race, is actively committing the most egregious form of racism it is possible to perpetuate. As far as people who would ask me if I was a shill of the Illuminati/NWO/Reptilians/(insert nutty conspiracy group here), I would probably recommend they check out the closest mental health rehabilitation center available, for they have far more irrational faith than any religious person.

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Touchy subject.

Touchy subject.

When a privately held periodical has it's workers assassinated by followers of the Muslim religion, do we casually interview them asking why they perpetrated such an atrocity, and from where within their religious training such action is prescribed? No. We won't do that because of the fear of a retaliatory response rather than a rational explanation. That is an indication of the terror-driven phobia.

The act itself is to inject terror well beyond the targeted few. That's the purpose of the various acts perpetrated globally. With such global distribution of terrorist acts, are we non-Muslims developing a phobia of that religion. Well, I think it would serve all involved to say yes, we do, and take action accordingly. I believe the acts being perpetrated on non-Muslim targets by Muslim claimants is inviting upon itself a form of genocide of the Muslim culture by all parties victim of it's intent on world dominance. This is no surprise to a sane man when a cause/effect act of survival from the treachery perpetrated upon him by his fellow man must be sought.

So, yes, phobia is just the symptom motivating hugely terrible counter-action. Acting upon the phobia is a follow-on measure of counter-violence to reduce it to a harmless faction. That will be the goal. Because of the global distribution of terrorism there can be no choice but to see it as universally supported by all Muslims. That will necessarily result in the employment of what is called extreme prejudice, meaning, all Muslims will be targeted regardless of their geographical locations and claimed peaceful intentions.

Is that the phobia we are trying to ferret out here?

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scopophobia is a big part of

scopophobia is a big part of islam i think anyone with common sense can agree with that

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Islamophobic may be the

Islamophobic may be the people who had terrible experience with the Islam community.

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but i don't believe that it

but i don't believe that it should be a nickname for someone who criticizes islam

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I have found that the mere

I have found that the mere repetition of a quote from the Qur'an itself is deemed 'islamophobic'. There is clearly a problem with society and I fear that the Islamic Empire is flourishing and that the caliphate will soon make a public appearance. No matter how much we try to inform our brothers and sisters that Islam wants us dead or as slaves, they continue to silence us. We will soon be entering a state of war thanks to the deceitful elite.

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You're not helping fight

You're not helping fight Islamic extremism, you're giving extremists exactly what they want. You don't fight extremists with extremism, but with reason, human rights, and education.

You're a reactionary with little grasp of the reality of the situation, It's a shame to see someone as prejudiced as this use the late great Christopher Hitchens as their avatar. In case you had failed to notice we are already at war with radical Islam, and it is almost exclusively Muslims who are fighting them, and almost exclusively Muslims who are most at risk.

Criticising Islam is not racism, and there is plenty to criticise as with most religions, but making blanket condemnations of Muslims is certainly bigotry.

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