Who Is Your God?

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Who Is Your God?

What Race is your God?

What Country does your God support the most?

What Color of Clothes does your God wear?

Are you willing to kill for your God too?

Which side of Any War is your God on?

If All God's are Invisible how does Anyone Know theirs is the Right One?

How does Anyone Know that their Reason to Fight and Die for their God is better than anyone else's?

Why does an All Powerful God NEED Anyone to Fight 'HIS' (sorry women I've been told All God's are Men) Battles for Him?

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This is probably in the wrong

This is probably in the wrong section. No one in this section believes in a god.

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Neal, you listed that you are

Neal, you listed that you are a non-atheist so what are you doing in this section?

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He is here because Captcha is

He is here because Captcha is limited to checking basic math skills and unable to plumb the depths of our souls....its that or he didnt read the forum rules, mucked up his profile or is spying for god.
Personally I dont care. What Id say in the Hub Id say in the Debate Room.
That aside, explain yourself Neil.

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No gods here!

No gods here!

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Moved to Debate forum by mod.

Moved to Debate forum by mod.

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Neal: Some answers to your

Neal: Some answers to your questions in the order in which you asked them.

God is a Romulan (aggressive, boastful, murderous, sadistic, treacherous). He supports Brazil at soccer, Australia at cricket (notorious cheaters), and New Zealand at rugby. He wears a white clown outfit with pink pom-pom buttons. I killed it, but I won't kill for it. God has always been on all sides in all wars. War is how he recharges his spirit-batteries. Turn your god over and look for the "Made in Mesopotamia" label on his arse. Beware of fakes. Just choose the god that offers the best opportunities for slaughter, looting, and rapine. God can't fight his own battles because he's too busy not existing. And he is definitely male. He was made by men for men in the image of men. And no woman would bugger things up like god does.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe
I just snorted out my morning tea ya bastard...

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Dammit, Algebe! I was gonna

Dammit, Algebe! I was gonna post something like that and you beat me to it. And there's no way I can top yours now. That was hilarious!

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Neal the real deal,

Neal the real deal,

"Who Is Your God?"

People tend to elevate their national leaders to be their Gods. This is true of all cultures and in all eras. Sometimes people will even elevate their crime bosses to godhood and obey them without a second thought.

In the Bible the God character was simply the series of men who ruled the dominant Middle Eastern Empire at any given time.

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Umm no, not all gods are men.

Umm no, not all gods are men. Either you are ill-informed or just insulting women.


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"Umm no, not all gods are men."

The question is "Who Is Your God?"

In current grammar Gods refer to male deities. Women deities are referred to as "Goddesses". Gods are considered to be more powerful that Goddesses in religious fairy tales.

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@Kata "Either you are ill

@Kata "Either you are ill-informed or just insulting women."

Actually, Kata, I believe he was paying a compliment. Like he said, if it were goddesses (female) in charge rather than gods (male) it is likely they would run things a bit smoother. Kinda have to agree with him on that one. *chuckle*

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Who is my God?

Who is my God?
Joe Pesci.
I am a Carlinist.

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All god concepts are a

All god concepts are a product of human ignorance and lack of knowledge. They exist in peoples minds because they are perpetuated by ignorance and fear...in reality they do not manifest in reality, and do not exist. So, asking a question like this is either designed to make fun of religious people, which I am totally up for, or designed as a platform for arguing in favor of gods existence, which is a waste of time...obviously.

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