Why are you an atheist?

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Why are you an atheist?

I am also an atheist but I'd really like to hear what makes fellow atheists, atheists. Also, why do you reject religion as a whole?

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I guess I am atheist because

I guess I am atheist because that's what people call me for not believing in god(s).

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I'm an atheist because I

I'm an atheist because I believe that nothing in this universe can be above nature - which is what 'supernatural' means - therefore supernatural beings cannot exist. The universe is a logical construct so I refuse to support any belief system that does not follow, and cannot be supported by, logical analysis. In other words, illogical beings cannot exist in a logical universe.

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Scientific Naturalism.

Scientific Naturalism.

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1. Because religions insult

1. Because religions insult the human intelligence with their improbable, contradictory, and illogical myths
2. Because religions are tools used by evil men (almost always men) to gain power and prestige
3. Because religions are inciters of hatred, cruelty, and war
4. Because religions have held back human progress for centuries
5. Because the real universe is so much more exciting and awe-inspiring than mumbo-jumbo about sky-fairies

But most of all, because I have a functioning brain

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Intelligence :'D

Intelligence :'D

What does intelligence have to do with atheists? what kind of an intelligent person who thinks that:
1- An infinite regress of causes is possible.
2- A contingent being can exist by itself, it's just there.
3- Two contradictories can coexist at the same time outside/before the universe/big bang.

I would say the kind who is not intelligent at all. even livestock wouldn't say that.

But most of all, because I have a functioning brain

No shit :"D

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The kind of intelligent

The kind of intelligent person smart enough to realize when someone is using a difference in ideals to justify being an asshole.

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Guys, Your Omni-Ignorance and

Guys, Your Omni-Ignorance and Your silly-as-fuck beliefs Justify me calling you whatever I want. and it doesn't make me an asshole. I could be an asshole anyway but not for this reason. The point is that whoever holds these beliefs Is Unintelligent and has a problem with his brain functions -If we've accepted that he has a functioning brain- whether I'm an asshole or not.

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@Peripathetic: "What does

@Peripathetic: "What does intelligence have to do with atheists?"

Why don't you go count the angels on the point of a pin?

I don't think I said any of those things. Maybe you've confused me with someone else. Maybe you're just confused.

Your convoluted, nitpicking, presumptuous pseudo-philosophy proves nothing. You make broad assumptions about a reality neither you nor Aquinas even begin to understand and then offer them up as proof of a god. And you lose your temper like a three-year-old when people disagree. Pathetic.

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I'm an Atheist because I out

I'm an Atheist because I out grew religion, and have found no evidence that any god or gods exist.

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Like many I imagine, choosing

Like many I imagine, choosing to be an atheist was a process ... not a "click-of-the-switch" event. I was raised in a very strict fundamentalist, evangelical, abusive home. This "nurturing" caused me to reject authority in my junior high school years.

This anti-authoritarian way of thinking and living is what gave me the courage and motivation to own my own business for the last 32 years of my working life. I tried to work for others but the stress of having a boss tell what to do, when to do it, and how to do it all the time put me in the hospital with a breakdown.

Being against authority, I was really moved when I first heard about -- and learned more about -- the "No Gods, No Masters" way of living. This led me to become a social anarchist and atheism is simply a natural component of this way of thinking and living.

So ... the reason I am an atheist is because I reject not only the existence of any God, but also the authoritarianism associated with any God and/or any religion.

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Because I doubt and am

Because I doubt and am difficult to convince.

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am difficult to convince.

am difficult to convince.

so are cows.

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And while the cows are

And while the cows are chewing their straws you are reaching for them!

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Because seeing is, indeed, a

Because seeing is, indeed, a small part of believing. And since I don't observe anything religions say to be true or applicable to the world I do observe, why would I belive in them?

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I am an atheist because the

I am an atheist because the belief in a god, and indeed basing your life on that belief makes no sense. I wouldn't do anything that is based solely on mere speculation and myth. Would you jump off of a cliff if I said all you need is faith (don't worry about facts or science) to fly? There is no evidence of a god. Why take anything for granted?

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mbrownec: "Like many I

Organised religions do enormous harm, such as religiously motivated child genital mutilation; the spreading of creationism; and impairing the teaching of critical thinking. (Religionists often apply critical thinking well, but not to their religious opinions which they perceive as 'core beliefs', 'keeping the faith' and so forth).

Religion is also to blame for much sectarianism, tribalism and human conflict. Try having a war without religion, nationalism or ideology. At its best it is unnecessary and divisive, yet it is sometimes perceived as "bringing people together". A soccer match or charity drive can do that better.

I don't care if there's a god or not but I see no evidence of any currently defined. There is no more proof of an Abrahamic god than of Zeus or Ra.

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I agree with most of what you say, but what I know about human nature leads me to believe that, if there were no theists at all and never had been, other causes would have been found to fight much the same wars. I'm not trying to excuse the horrors that have been perpetrated by religious faiths in the name of their ludicrous gods. I'm saying that wars would happen anyway because the prime motivation for them isn't religion - it's that same old drive for wealth and power. Look at the Crusades, as a prime example, and tell me I'm wrong.

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I am an atheist because I don

I am an atheist because I don't believe any of the claims of god or gods existence that I have heard, and I see no proof or good evidence that thor, aquaman, yahway, or mohammed exist

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The question seems to be

The question seems to be posed as if there was a choice.

Given the weight of evidence denying the existence of a god outside man's imagination I see no choice but to dismiss the whole tormented school of theological thought as mental masturbation. Every other blue moon I'll enter a house of worship and listen to the clergyman oblige the congregation with the bible-speak they expect to hear. I can't fathom the motivation to pony up a scarred piousness and then travel some distance to congregate with others of similar pathology just to sport an imagined 60 minute halo and its fleeting feel-good.

The greatest repulsion I have for theology is the very behavior its adherents display. The clergy is the worst. No sentient person would believe there can be a millisecond's worth of genuine, all consuming belief for a god in any man or woman yet we observe the charade going on and on. Doubt runs deep in all people yet few are courageous enough to put it out there and risk the answers that they fear will dash all hope with the hard truth.

So, the thought that god, and the grandiose systematic dismantling of logic needed to make room for it to exist (religions), are man's own self-indulgent conjuring as a glaring human weakness and that thought just won't lie quietly in my mind.

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I'm an atheist because I

I'm an atheist because I simply changed my mind.

There are zero factual proofs for any god's existence, but several good reasons to invent one (power, control, money) and some irrational reasons to follow an extraordinary entity (indoctrination, indulgence, self-deception, etc.).

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Because I read the definition

Because I read the definition of atheist, and the definition of god.

I was only agnostic before. (Still am agnostic, but also atheist. One definition does not exclude the other.)

I believe in the remote possibility of a greater being, but I am most certainly not theist.

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