Why are you a Christian, or even a theist?

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Why are you a Christian, or even a theist?

With all the information against theism, specifically Christianity, why would one still remain a believer?

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Just because of the life that

Just because of the life that awaits Christians after death. Where there isn't sorry nor pain. Thats why I'm going to stay Christian.

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But how do you know that what

But how do you know that what awaits you is even true, how do you know it isn't just what people want to believe rather than what is actually true?

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Sam, why do you prefer the

Sam, why do you prefer the Christian afterlife compared to the muslim afterlife. Or Buddhist? Or Hindu? Olympian?

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Lol, spending eternity eating

Lol, spending eternity eating ambrosia in the hall of the Gods sound like a much better and more realistic afterlife than any other, to me :)

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Belief about the afterlife is

Belief about the afterlife is something that we're not really sure about. For me, it doesn't matter whose religion have the best promise of afterlife. The most important is that a person does good in all his actions because everything he did will reflect to his afterlife.

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Its hard to explain. But when

Its hard to explain. But when you encounter the Spiritual Being Himself, then you'll know right within you with convicing power which is divine that there is a more precious life that awaits you than this corrupted one. Its hard to explain.

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How do you know it's the

How do you know it's the "Spiritual Being Himself" and not just something your brain assumes it to be? If this is another "personal experience" story, then that doesn't really cut it in proving anything.

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If you look around and listen

If you look around and listen, you will find most religions, psychics, and mediums all claim the same basic thing. Open your mind and try it and you will see for yourself the truth.

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Exactly what happens right

Exactly what happens right inside of you when you're convinced a friend is lying....that very spirit that tells you rationally thats a lie....How will you explain that? How will you explain such a spirit. Exactly the same Spirit that has once...am sure of that...dropped the thinking of God into you heart.

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that's a gut feeling or a

that's a gut feeling or a hunch, and a gut feeling or a hunch is not as reliable as actual evidence. Just because you have a certain fuzzy feeling, doesn't nessarily mean it's the "spirit' it could mean many things, it's just that you yourself perceive it as some religious entity when it could just be something that is naturally occurring when your brain interacts with the environment, which is usually the case.

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Sam, since you have

Sam, since you have confronted such a being, how do you explain the vast multitude of other believers who claim the same confrontation, personal experiences, yet have completely different beliefs?

Do you think there are a multitude of gods people can have these personal experiences with? Or do you think it could be something completely personal?

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This was a good question, I'm

This was a good question, I'm interested in hearing your answer Sam.

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I have heard one interesting

I have heard one interesting explanation. Image a group of blind people feeling their way around an elephant. Each describes a different part one describes the trunk, another and ear, and other a leg, and so on. All are creating a different image or picture of the same object.
I don't buy, too many problems.

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I like that allegory :)

I like that allegory :)

But yeah, I don't buy it either, lol.

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I'm a Christian because I was

I'm a Christian because I was born into this religion. But I have to admit that I'm not a devout Christian. I don't go to church regularly and I don't read the Bible on a regular basis. In fact, it's been a long time since I last read the Bible.

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There's a thread in the

There's a thread in the support section to post spam comments for the admin to observe and remove :) Thanks to Zaphod for starting that one!

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The answer is simple: "FEAR"

The answer is simple: "FEAR"

Its so much easier to believe that you have no control over anything in your life than to have to get up the courage to start working on positive change!

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I would call that laziness!

I would call that laziness!

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Firstly, the evidence is not

Firstly, the evidence is not against theism; in fact, I've yet to see an atheist present any justifiable evidence against theism. All I see are critiques, many poorly written, against theistic arguments.

Secondly, I am a Christian theist because there is good evidence from science for God's existence.
The origin of the Universe.
The fine-tuning of the Universe.
The complexity of life.
These are all good reasons for accepting God's existence.

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You need to understand the

You need to understand the meaning of evidence and proof to understand what continues to happen with this arguement, For example the big bang theory in science is just that a theory there is no proof though it is strongly believed by many to be origin of the universe and we have found supporting evidence that the big bang has indeed at least occured there is no proof that it was the origin of the universe though it may be the origin of the known universe.

Many Theist like to say God made the big bang, I don't think so but maybe they are right despite my doubt. Either way, the argument when stared by theist or an atheist, that the opposing side cannot provide proof is an act of desperation because there is no proof either way and also no evidence,its all just theory and nobody knows for sure. When someone claims something exist though it does fall on them to prove its existence after which point it would fall on the people saying it does not exist to provide evidence to the contrary. For example, just try to prove anything you know does not exist doesn't exist you simply will not find proof you may only find supporting evidence to the contrary like nobody has ever seen it or things are this way for this reason, but you will not find proof it does not exist. The way the world works is you can only find proof things that exist lack of being able to do so means either it is unlikely to or its irrelevant.

Laws of gravity physics and natural selection have set a chain of events that has led to all you know and this all has led to the fine tuning of the universe and complexity of life this can also all be and has been proven.

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The term "theory" in the

The term "theory" in the scientific community, pretty makes something a slam dunk...theory of gravity, germ theory, etc. It is a tested, well-substantiated, unifying explanation for a set of verified, proven hypotheses. A hypothesis, however, is only a suggested explanation for something.

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I was thought in science at

I was taught in science at least, theory was not a proof only a proof was considered absolute. Most things and concepts are not proofs, only when it can be argued indisputably to be proof. Theory is just something with strong supporting evidence believed to be true.

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That's pretty much right on..

That's pretty much right on... but let's examine the sort of "strong supporting evidence" required to bump something up to theory status. Pretty much, the only thing that can disprove a good theory is the fact that we can't quite close our minds to the possibility that something bigger could supersede it. It has to basically act in agreement with all natural laws that we've come up with up to this point, to the best of our knowledge.

Hypothesis is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the scientific community - it's just a glorified guess.

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