Why do people think it's OK to hate homosexuals?

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Why do people think it's OK to hate homosexuals?

This has continued to annoy me that even though we now know scientifically that being gay is through a gene (although not yet identified) that people continue to find justification for their misplaced hatrid. And you're a bigot if you say they're wrong. Even though they're clearly speaking against a massive group of people who have a certain sexuality, no fault of their own, just because their holy scribbles have a few verses that vaguely condemn homosexuality. (Unless concerning Islam)

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The ancient Egyptians, Greeks

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were generally accepting of homosexual behavior within certain contexts. Hinduism and Buddhism tend to view homosexuality primarily from the standpoint of its effects on karma, with varying conclusions.

Jewish, Christian, Sikh and Muslim cultures have generally perceived homosexual behavior as sinful.

The Abrahamic Religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, all have incorporated their religious prejudices into the various cultures in which they are practiced. That makes it appear that the hatred towards homosexuals is a learned experience, taught by the culture which has gotten it from their Abrahamic Religion.

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Not just gays. People are

Not just gays. People are tribal and tend to hate anyone different. Hence anti-semitism for example, and racism, and hatred of Islam. We're gradually getting over this sort of thing, especially in Western Europe and to a lesser degree in the States, but there's still plenty of it about. It still exists in the British Isles - just go to a rugby match between any two of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland! A substitute for war.

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Haters hate.

Haters hate.

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With absolutely little to no

With absolutely little to no proof to back this claim up, I believe that many people uncomfortable or upset by homosexuality use the Bible as the closest and easiest veil to mask their own insecurity about the issue. To many, homosexuality is weird and far different then what they are used to. Instead of realizing that these feelings can be overcome, they rationalize their behavior through scriptural references. Again, I don't have any sort of proof of this, and it definitely doesn't speak for everyone, but I see it as a definite possibility for many individuals.

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