Why do people think it's OK to hate homosexuals?

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Why do people think it's OK to hate homosexuals?

This has continued to annoy me that even though we now know scientifically that being gay is through a gene (although not yet identified) that people continue to find justification for their misplaced hatrid. And you're a bigot if you say they're wrong. Even though they're clearly speaking against a massive group of people who have a certain sexuality, no fault of their own, just because their holy scribbles have a few verses that vaguely condemn homosexuality. (Unless concerning Islam)

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I think have to answer your

I think have to answer your question with another question, Mr. Deadpool:

"Why do people think it's OK to hate anyone??"

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I think people fear

I think people fear homosexuality (for several different reasons). And since they have a "holy scripture" to "justify" their hatred with, they use it as an excuse.

I don't see much other reason to keep a few rules and throw all others out. Working on the sabbath or wearing clothing made from "material mixed of wool and linen together" doesn't seem to matter at all. But since the scripture says so, suddenly it's green light to kill all gays. Makes perfect sense... NOT

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