Why do things Exist?

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@ Aman Singh . . .

@ Aman Singh . . .

It’s just the thought of not knowing. The fact things some how exist (without meaning), has me thinking “what if?”;
- a “god” exists
- there’s more to life
- afterlife

I know deep down these things are irrational, yet it’s hard to shake off this idea that existence is here for no apparent reason other than to exist.


Asking what-if questions isn't irrational. Plugging in unwarranted answers is the irrational part. So try to ensure that your epistemology is well grounded, based on evidence, and not on fantasy answers to what if ? questions. Also, how about asking the opposite questions, ie. "What if not?"

What if :-
- no “god” exists;
- there’s no more to life than the natural;
- an afterlife is just a fantasy?

How THEN ought YOU, as an individual, to live, love and be happy? And if you cannot show the truth of, or believe in any god, any super-life, or any after life, then in all honesty, you'll have to live as though they are false.


Cheers, Mutorc.

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Dollars to donuts, this is a

Dollars to donuts, this is a god = consciousness assertion...not realizing consciousness is the physical human brains neuronal function, rationalizing shit randomly happening.


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