Why the Name Jesus?

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Why the Name Jesus?

I have a question for the forum, or rather a series of questions. Maybe someone else knows that answer to these:
When was the name Jesus first used? Was it 2,014 years ago or was the name already used before that?
Also, why do people choose the name Jesus for their children? Aren't there better names in Biblical society such as Jehovah, Allah and maybe even God?
And another, why are we using the name Jesus for our children when I can't use the name Jesus in vain when I cuss someone out?

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Good questions, all.

Good questions, all.
What I can't figure out is; Why do we have a middle eastern woman with a Catholic name giving birth to an immaculately conceived Caucasian child with an Hispanic American name ?

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Haha! If Jesus looked

Haha! If Jesus looked anything like the Roman Catholics portrayed him, he probably would have burned to death in the desert sun if he tried to walk out there for the 40 days that the bible claims, right?

However, a few points - The tribal people of Yemen are blonde and green eyed, gorgeous people. They have the dark skin that one might expect in a Middle Eastern race, though.

Secondly, the Byzantine Empire, which broke with the Romans for several excellent reasons, has in it's collection some painted portraits of Mary of Nazareth. They are highly guarded for several reasons. The Byzantines/Orthodox do not do idolatry, and therefore want to make sure that the likeness is regarded as a historical reference only and not a relic, as the Romans treat everything. And Mary, in her oldest and thought to be most accurate depictions, is a Black woman.

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Wow, you guys just opened up

Wow, you guys just opened up a bunch of new questions that I really want answers to. I get the part about the white man's depiction of Jesus, but what about the names and the places. I guess every fictional tale has its own little quirks that makes it more readable.

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That's a really good question

That's a really good question. I'm sure with a little bit of digging a notable Jesus or two predating Christ should be found.

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I think the name Jesus was

I think the name Jesus was already used even during the ancient times. It's quite a common name during the old times.

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Because Jesus is the Greek

Because Jesus is the Greek name that corresponds to Yeshua, and the New Testament was written in Greek?

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Well, if you're going for the

Well, if you're going for the obvious answer :)

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