Why were Christians unable to convert India and china?

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Why were Christians unable to convert India and china?

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I know China's government was

I know China's government was pretty anti western and so anti Christian. India already had a religion that attempted answer questions that Christianity did. It's easier to be able to tell your self "those poor people are poor because they were bad in another life" than to tell yourself to "pick up your cross and follow Christ despite martyrdom and social pressure and by the way you should give to the poor".

I am sure there are lots of other reasons but I don't know. Why the question in the first place?

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Just Thinking about the fact

Just thinking about the fact that they were easily able to convert the native Americans and the Africans, but not Asians.

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Easily converted? Idk. I mean

Easily converted? Idk. I mean the slaughter of the majority of native american people probably helped weed out those who would subscribe to this bullshit.

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India had Krishna. He was

India had Krishna. He was blue and could multiply himself and fuck a hundred women at once. Why would they need a bachelor like Jesus?

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You are a very disturbed primate......

don't ever change.

To the OP

I think the reason why Christianity failed in both India and China is that both are ancient civilisations with long histories....

they've both seen religious fads come and go...

strutting their stuff for a brief time then disappearing back into the great "nothing" from which they came.

Plus....the population numbers of both China and India make the use of force impracticable ...

not to say down right bloody dangerous for those attempting to apply the force.

While it might be quite easy to intimidate a couple of hundred people, even a few thousand....

BUT when their friends turn up in their tens of thousands ,in their hundreds of thousands...

then you'd better have a REALY strong faith .....

a death wish....

and an overwhelming interest in martyrdom.

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Now that's an epic post.

Now that's an epic post.

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The Taipings were sort of

The Taipings were sort of Christian. Their leader, Hong Xiuquan, discovered he was the younger brother of Jesus after reading a pamphlet given to him by a missionary. The rebellion he started lasted 14 years and killed an estimated 100 million people. Maybe that's why China has become a bit allergic to religion in modern times.

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The Chinese had their own

The Chinese had their own ancient religions with exquisite rituals. Everybody outside of China was a barbarian. The very name of the their country means the "center of the world". They weren't interested in our trading goods, let alone our religions, with their drab ritual and subversive ideas.

So we got them hooked on opium instead.

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India did not reject

India did not reject Christianity. The Hindus assimilated Jesus into their pantheon.

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A lot of chinese people

A lot of chinese people nowadays are athiest anyway.

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I don't think the question is

I don't think the question is valid- "weren't able to" suggests that the game is over. They have not been "fully converted" yet, but there are plenty of minority-Christians in these regions, and it is an ongoing mission. How would you answer the same question, if it were asked in the 6th century regarding the Phillipeans?

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I doubt they even knew it

I doubt they even knew it existed.

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That's not the point. Most

That's not the point. Most atheists on this forms are pretty intellectually dishonest. Either that or really stupid.

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"it is an ongoing mission"

"it is an ongoing mission"

I don't think people in the 6th century had access to the Internet or even books. People today do. They can instantly discover historical and current information about all the evil done in the world by representatives of your rapacious, mendacious death cult. The Christian church needs the darkness of ignorance to capture minds. But ignorance is shrinking. Your mission will fail.

Who the heck are the Philippians, and what happened to them in the 6th century?

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As for Dumb Ox's comment "

As for Dumb Ox's comment " Most atheists on this forms are pretty intellectually dishonest. Either that or really stupid." That is a nonstarter. Atheist as a group rate higher intellectually than the average person. As far as intellectually dishonest, how can someone that has no proof of a god and that clings to a religion that basically came from myths of the stone age claim anyone else is intellectually dishonest? That is hypocrisy in a handbag!
As for Sinner's comments, the game is truly over in China and India. You can keep sending missionaries there but both nations have established myths of their own that predate Abrahamic religions. You won't be able to bride or threaten them as you did the rest of the world, the Americas, Africa, and western Europe. Both nations are stable and on an economic rise. They have no reason, no motivation to adopt a new myth. Islam has a much better chance in both nations. 1) Since Islam has had a foothold in India since 700 ADE and 2) because Islam is considered Asian in origin. Even at that, there isn't a chance that christianity will ever make significant inroads in either nation.
I see a better chance of the total rejection of christianity in Western Europe than christianizing India or China.

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