Wife-Swapping for Jesus! Christian-Swingers set up web-site!

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Wife-Swapping for Jesus! Christian-Swingers set up web-site!

This bunch brings Christian rationalizing hypocrisy to a new level! They have a website for wife-swapping hookups! Anyway, please read and enjoy:


Please post back to this debate thread to defend your faith’s morals : )

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I wonder what the pope thinks

I wonder what the pope thinks about this.

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I'm not surprised in the

I'm not surprised in the slightest. I have found that if you ask a person what god wants, the answer they always give coincides exactly with what they want. These people want to swing, so as the article says: "they also feel that God doesn't mind the lifestyle they have chosen."

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I find it amusing when

I find it amusing when theists question the morals of atheists. Christians don’t have to worry about being held accountable in their non-existent hell because of the loophole that allows them to do whatever they want. Genocide, murder, adultery, no problem, just repent before they die and Saint Peter will check them in the Pearly Gates. I love putting their hypocrisy on display, it’s so hilarious.

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This is definitely crazy!

This is definitely crazy!

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It truly is, it just a

It truly is, it just a classic example of how Christians can use "interpretation" to do anything they want. Why the hell should they bother being part of an organization if they refuse to follow the rules? The hypocrisy boggles the mind. It really makes me roll my eyes when I see their accusations that atheists have no moral foundation.

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CaptBob, please pipe down,

CaptBob, please pipe down, Christians and Catholics are two different things. ie I don't follow the Pope - or swinger web sites ;-)

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Not as bad as the Christian

Not as bad as the Christian band that was arrested, but another funny example of do what you want Christianity.

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Obvious attempt at moral

Obvious attempt at moral credibility? No. I think that whoever foisted this is probably a militant of atheism. I can't think of a more underhanded way to take out the credibility of a religion? It even beats Christians For Satan or Christian Choice (abortion). Well, maybe that last one is pretty low.

No, I think the swapping part might be real but the Christian citation is just a swipe at the belief system.

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On second thought, that

On second thought, that homely-looking couple could use any help it can get. They probably can't stand the sight of each other naked anymore. May as well call for help at this point. Humping For Jesus?

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I was baffled when I first

I was baffled when I first saw the video. It brings religious rationalizing to a new level. I can see you shared a similar eyebrow raising experience. LOL It is funny and strange…especially the attempt to justify their actions.

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What they are doing does not

What they are doing does not surprise me. The fact they are being truthful about what they are doing does. Sexual interactions between non married believers are usual secret. They know they can use the repent loophole at the appropriate time.

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