Will Lucifer Worshipers Treat Earth Like Death Star? I Pray No

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Will Lucifer Worshipers Treat Earth Like Death Star? I Pray No

The doomsday clock is a push of a button away from midnight. I hope that atheists join with me and stop the Lucifer worshipers from treating Earth like a death star. I understand the facts and the facts is a terror just to understand. Electronic overriding technology exists, I have a witness. So lets debate. Is faith in Christ, that is the faith in Bread and Wine, the only thing on Earth that will stop the Lucifer worshipers from waging war and in their abundant stupidity, cause no flesh to survive by destroying all flesh with the push of a button?

I would go as far as to burn in Hell for all eternity, if need be, and I say action to ensure a push of a button ought not end the life of all flesh... I have been in contact with various people, but the people before today, that I spoke to were the very people with the power to push the button. They dropped over 1 billion pounds of bombs on North Korea. What is the future of our youth? They spend hundreds of billions of dollars on violence, death, murder, destruction, mayhem, carnage, oppression and persecution in the Iraq war. They are the ones who might push the button.

Children our the future and they need to be taught righteousness and respect, the R and R of parenting. Parents of all faiths, preach and teach your righteousness to your son and tell him the definition of respect, even tell him that if you do not find my righteousness worthy of self, you do not respect my righteousness; so what will you respect? Please understand that children will push the button and quite literally be the curse that brings total destruction on the Earth.

Is there an atheists that disagrees with parenting children. For lack of knowledge the Americans do not include the writings of King Solomon, King David, and King bread and wine... Is there an atheist that believes the government raising children will not result in the last day? Seriously, Lucifer worshipers are in high places of power and are the only ones that can push the self destruct button. Well, it is my conviction that bad parenting and lack of comprehension of the definitions of words can cause a generation of children to be sickly from ear to ear and from head to soul...

As a test, How are you? I SAY by the word of the Father, I AM! Atheists or those that comprehend the atheists I reach out to you, How are you is the question and I want a right and proper answer from you. If you answer that without controversy, maybe we can destroy the self destruction button of Earth... Earth is not a death star!



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Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

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What a bunch of nonsense!

What a bunch of nonsense!

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@Omega Love: "I have been in

@Omega Love: "I have been in contact with various people"

What species are you?

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Death Star? Doomsday button?

Death Star? Doomsday button? Sounds like a conspiracy theorist that watches too many movies!

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What is the difference

What is the difference between a lucifer worshiper and a jesus christ worshipper?.....THE FUCKING NAME. Both are figments of human imagination!

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:)) :)) mykcob :)) :))

:)) :)) mykcob :)) :))
Lamo I'm still laughing you're savage

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What the fuck is this post

What the fuck is this post about??

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Well, if you ever wondered

Well, if you ever wondered what a Lobotomy patient sounds like, you do now.

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Why should we believe someone

Why should we believe someone who just posted this on the internet (you).

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This one need some treatment

This one need some treatment for mental illness.

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Hey! This man is right. The

Hey! This man is right. The children ARE our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them.....
Wait a sec....

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A nutcase!

A nutcase!


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