Will religion ever disappear?

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Will religion ever disappear?

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Religion, or the belief in

Religion, or the belief in some form of god(s) will ALWAYS exist. Mankind's tendency is to always seek perceptional refuge and comfort provided by a supernatural being in times of need and trouble.

Likewise, in general, mankind tends to shirk self-responsibility and self-accountability. They seem to lack the confidence or courage to live their life and make important life-determining decisions based on logic and the facts surrounding the issue(s). As a result, they seek the "counsel" of their religion or god to avoid being responsible and being held accountable for making a wrong decision.

To not mince words, the majority of mankind chooses to be a bound servant to a religion and a god. It's the easy way out. All they need to do is "follow" the dictates of their religion or god. In their mind, they cannot be held responsible and accountable since they followed and lived their life based on principles of a "deity".

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@xenoview: a very good

@xenoview: a very good article, it's always appreciated that an article of this type cite statistics and where come from, but, of course, it's BBC, although surprised me that don't talk about how the levels of studies have been increasing, also in the third world and that's an indicator to take into account too.


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