Witch hunt, Fake News My dying Ass!

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Witch hunt, Fake News My dying Ass!

Today The Russian probe indicted 13 people SO FAR in interfering in the 2016 elections.


I don't know how many times some posters on this forum claimed that the Russian Investigation was fake news and a witch hunt. Well, today, they can't say that anymore!

This is the tip of the iceberg folks, just the beginning of the worst presidential scandal in U.S. history.

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It's clear that Robert

It's clear that Robert Meuller went forward with these indictments to stop the conspiracy theories put forth by the conservatives. None of the indicted will ever be brought to justice, but it does pave the way to start indicting the conservative Americans that aided and participated in this treason!

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I don't know honestly. Nobody

I don't know honestly. Nobody really explains why any of this matters. They just made facebook ads and the country fell apart?

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I'll tell you why Breezy.

I'll tell you why Breezy.
The act of disseminating misinformation causes people to react and make decisions on false facts.
I could say Trump is a pedophile and produce a bunch of lies that seem to be factual. When in a campaign for office this can be damaging.
Social media doesn't account for facts. People that follow social media follow trends not reality. such misinformation could cause people to not vote and or vote against their own interests.
The terrorist act alone probably is not enough to actually affect the vote in a large way but coupled with the entirety of the assault it did change the outcome. The evidence of this is Brexit, the national votes in Poland, the Ukraine, Italy, and France!
This is a concerted effort by Putin to end Nato, the UN, the EU, and democratic interests in the entire world.
That is why it matters!

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
Sure, but that's the nature

Sure, but that's the nature of the internet. It's like being shocked that there are topless women at a strip club.

If you told me there were topless women at the grocery store or the white house, then I'll be shocked. If you told me CNN was a secret Russian company, or NPR was a Russian ploy to spread trusted "misinformation." Then it would matter.

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That doesn't even make sense

That doesn't even make sense Breezy and you well know it.

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So tell me mr LIBERAL where

So tell me mr LIBERAL where is the so called COLLUSION? Just because there were these indictments from Russians here and in RUSSIA doesn`t amount to anything near collusion.You have to remember here the Mueller investigation was started when the attorney general Sessions recused himself. The Mueller investigation is going astray. And no where in todays indictments does this indict or convict President Trump of collusion .They have nothing significant the Special Counsel And no matter how long it takes or how bias the special counsel is will it indict a sitting president. You need hard evidence before you blame anybody of collusion.

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Can we agree that the

Can we agree that the Russians did conduct a program to interfere in the US political process?

Now, ask yourself one simple question ... why?

And the answer is that they desired to influence the selection of candidates so the ones they "favored" took office and implemented policies and laws beneficial (or at least not harmful) to Russia.

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Man, you are fucking stupid

Man, you are fucking stupid FIG!
1) The special counsel is decidedly NOT biased!
2) These indictments PROVE that the Russians purposely interfered with the election to elect Trump. Just because Trump isn't indicted YET doesn't mean he won't be. The indictments aren't the conclusion of the investigation by a long shot. Trump claimed vindication but nothing could be further from the truth.
3) Your fucking hero committed treason and collusion AND obstruction of justice and is still doing so!

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These indictments are not the

These indictments are not the last step, but just one towards their ultimate goal, to discover if anyone did collude. The issuing of the indictments by Mueller puts the heat on peripheral players, ones who suddenly feel that they have to stop supporting any lies and tell the truth, or face jail.

It is very possible Trump is involved, but he has placed many layers of protection around himself, hoping to thwart any serious investigation. What Mueller and his team are doing is peeling back the layers, in an attempt to get to the core.

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" You need hard evidence

" You need hard evidence before you blame anybody of collusion."

I think I just laughed so hard I squeezed a little piss out, Billy you're priceless. He's had ironectomy. A word of advice Billy, the more people you see a liberals the more likely it is that you're fascist.

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Americans are the most

Americans are the most sanctimonious assholes on the planet. We have been interfering in every country's internal affairs for over a century. We have rigged their elections and overthrown their governments. And now, because some Russians took out some Facebook ads we have gone nuts.

Lying Crooked Hillary got more popular votes than scummy Trump and she carried the Blue States. She was going to lose the Red States if her opponent had been a dead vulture. She was lazy and thought that she was entitled to be President so she didn't get off of her fat ass and campaign in the Rust Belt States. They went for Trump and he won 30 States to her 20. The Russians didn't have a damn thing to do with that.

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Are there really people in

Are there really people in America stupid enough to be influenced by trash like this? Are these people allowed to vote, to drive, to own guns?


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Dear Algebe,

Dear Algebe,

The definitive answer is Yes. It gives me no pleasure to tell you that at least a dozen of them are my in-laws.

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Sadly we already know the

Sadly we already know the answer to this. We already knew angry, older, uneducated white redneck males are certainly gullible enough to vote for tRump in droves. We already know evangelicals are brainwashed to vote for anyone their religious leaders tell them to. I even have had some tRump voters tell me they knew he was awful, but he was the "brick through the window" of politics.

What really surprises me is that any women would vote for the guy. And I happen to also ashamedly report a bunch of extended family (mostly in-law) women that did precisely that, vote for tRump and was proud of it. They saw all kinds of evidence about exactly what tRump thinks of women, and they still love the guy. They had a chance to vote for the first major party candidate winning woman, (not the best candidate ever, I will agree,) but instead voted for the blantantly obvious sexist, female demeaning pig that tRump was instead.

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“… as my mother used to tell

“… as my mother used to tell me, reality has a way of catching up with you.”

President Barack Obama, Farewell Address, January 10, 2017

The alternate reality bubble of D.J. Trump and his Closest is shrinking rapidly.

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Trump is probably the worst

Trump is probably the worst US president in at least nine years.

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Trump is the worst president

Trump is the worst president in history followed by Nixon, Reagan, Bush II, Bush I, Hoover, Andrew Johnson!

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Diotrephes: Americans are the

Diotrephes: Americans are the most sanctimonious assholes on the planet.

Yes they are. Although I live in America, I no longer consider myself American. I am a Human Being. I just happen to live in America. Although I have served in the US military, I now regret helping to support those sanctimonious asses. The only thing I support in America is the "freedoms" it is supposed to give.

Sapporo: Trump is probably the worst US president in at least nine years.

I would almost say the worst one ever. Although none have I ever deemed worthy of my vote, this past election (my opinion) was probably the worst ever. Neither candidate was worth the brown logs I drop in the porcelain throne.

As for the Russian investigation, I could care less. Our politicians are all crooks anyway. Just that almost all get away with it. As my dad told me some 50 years ago, "You could go into political office straight as an arrow, but you will come out crookeder than the Mississippi."


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It's impossible to sequester

It's impossible to sequester voters from this sort of stuff in the Internet age. What's needed is a revamp of educational systems to ensure that every citizen is schooled in critical thinking and logic.

The first step in that process is to get religion out of schools. Religious indoctrination during childhood primes people to swallow every piece of propaganda and tabloid bilge without even chewing.

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Come on - you can not be that

Come on - you can not be that lame. Every country in the world is attempting to influence American elections. The Russians, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, North and South Korea, Botswana, Australia Canada and Mexico. That's politics and who cares. Russia just got caught with its hand in the cookie jar because Hillary was so frigging stupid.

What do you imagine America is doing to or with political leaders around the world? This is all a bunch of BS to keep the American public busy while the police state increases its power and we slowly lose our rights.

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Come on Cognostoc YOU can't

Come on Cognostoc YOU can't be that lame. You post a cynical inaccurate post with NO fucking evidence to back it up and call the rest of us "lame"? How fucking stupid. The police state as you say comes directly from the conservatives that suppress voting, gerrymandered districts and collude with Russians to circumvent elections, AND undermining lawful investigations!

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If you do not care that other countries are attempting to influence US elections to further their own agendas, and may possibly be succeeding, you are a fool. US influence and respect abroad has diminished greatly since tRump became president. Trade deals are being brokered w/o the US at the table now, the uncontested world wide might and influence of the US since the fall of USSR is eroding rapidly. tRump and the current administration has greatly sped up this decay.

The already battered workforce in production jobs that rely heavily on imports and exports (which is most of the production workforce.) Will continue to see job losses as the US loses trade partners and the ability to influence for better trade agreements. The large and powerful corporations that are already multinational will barely see a blip in their bottom line. As they can move to whatever tax haven and cheap labor pools of countries that have secured cheaper, levy, and tax free trade with other countries for the resources and parts they need.

Russia got caught because what they did was so blatant, they have gotten very bold because they knew they are mostly going to get away with it. Just like their invasion of Crimea.


I do agree that the US does the same thing and has been influencing elections all around the world for decades. Sometimes with horrific results.

I do not see a rise of police state. That happened back during 9/11 with the patriot act, (that keeps getting renewed by both republican and democrat parties.) I definitely do see social safety nets and public services, national tax owner resources, (like our parks,) being raided and stripped away. Civilian protection orginizations like EPA, FDA, consumer protection bureau getting defunded. I do see grave police state like injustices happening to dreamers, and people of color.

I definitely see anyone that is not: white, straight, male and already wealthy, getting increasingly screwed over. (Psst! that is 99.9 percent of all of us living in the States.)

The only rights I see in decline right now are the rights of people that do not ascribe to the current popular religious and culture mind sets. The right for students to learn about evolution in Texas public tax funded schools. The right for people to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity. The right for people to expect their water and food sources to be safe over large lobbying dollars corporations desire to deliver more profits for their shareholders over public health and wellbeing. The right to have a tiny fraction of our tax dollars to be used to help people fight back large companies with armies of highly paid attorneys that rip them off. The right for timely decent legal representation in court/trials if you cannot afford your own legal advice. The list of rights we are losing is a long one, but it is certainly not police state rights we are losing or the rights you have in mind based on your previous postings.

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For all the Trump apologist

For all the Trump apologist that think that the Trump/Russian treason collusion case is over or in any way vindicates Trump, here is a new bit of news. Gates will be indicted. He is close to a plea deal. More proof that the Trump campaign and administration is guilty!



So far that makes 4 in the Trump inner circle and counting, plus 13 Russians, and 3 Russian companies, plus an unnamed American!

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So now old tangerine top

So now old tangerine top pussy grabber is bent out of shape because the recent indictments didn't get him off the hook! Well, tough shit and tough fucking shit to any and all Trump ass kissers!

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Wow Meuller indicts yet

Wow Meuller indicts yet another guy who, btw, pleaded GUILTY. That makes a total of 20 plus indictments and 4 guilty pleas!


BTW, this latest indictment is sure to connect the Trump campaign to Russian election tampering. We're getting close folks. The Dems are poised to take the House and the Senate and an impeachment is looming.

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