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World atheist list

Do you think creating a world list of atheists would be a good idea?
Just to be there, not belonging to an association. It could be great to have a million atheists there.
Apart from that, some famous names could be used for promotion, normalizing atheism... What do you think?

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In some countries they would

In some countries they would be executed. In others they face losing their jobs, their family and their freedom.
In Australia data retention by government will put any group at risk should private or public government policy change

Reasons enough for anonymity.

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As Old man says, there are

As Old man says, there are many parts in the world where it would be extremely unwise to declare your atheism publicly. Promotion of secularism is important, but it is also important not to place atheists and secularists in harms way while doing so.

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There are websites like

There are websites like that have such lists, but the idea of having anyone else on such a list sounds scary to me.

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Two words: HELL NO!

Two words: HELL NO!

Also see post by Old Man...


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The reason I use chimp3

The reason I use chimp3 online is because my personal life is nobody's fucking business. Does that address the OP?

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ABSOLUTELY: We need a World

ABSOLUTELY: We need a World Atheist List. That way when the religious come looking to execute us we can make it easy for them. They are the ones that have the books that tell them to kill the non-believers. Or assert that the non-believers will be tortured for ever in a special place they have created for us.

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