Would christians believe.....

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Would christians believe.....

.....there is no god if that god showed up and told them that he doesn't exist?

That's what happen to me. I was diddy-boppin' around being all happy to be ignorant and having blind faith, when,.......
The clouds parted. Then a voice (kinda squeaky) said "Mykcob4,....Mykcob4....., I am god!........Listen very carefully!.....THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!..."
Wow, what a revelation! I immediately stopped believing in god, because I wanted to obey him.

Just kidding there never was a god. Just like the christians I made that shit up.

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Interesting question. I'm

Interesting question. I'm pretty sure many Christians would dismiss it as either a hallucination, a dream, or imagination. Others may even assume it was something demonic. It is interesting as at that point, Christians would likely think the way atheists normally do by saying things like: "we don't know why that occurred so we cannot conclude this event actually occurred", or "I must have imagined that occurrence". I doubt they would take it seriously. They also probably wouldn't even admit it to others, as they wouldn't want to be "outcasts"

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How would a person know that

How would a person know that the entity speaking to him is actually a god? The entity could be anything.

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