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Okay, I often talk about politics and it is exhausting for most people here but like passing a trainwreck I can't turn away.
The House Intelligence Committee chair just ran to the Whitehouse to inform Trump of some classified information.
1) That is a violation to inform a suspect in an ongoing investigation.
2) The HIC is an OVERSIGHT committee. It isn't there to inform the president. It is there to REGULATE the president. It is a check on the Executive Branch. You know "checks and balances."
WTF was Nunes thinking. He didn't inform the committee HE Chairs. No, he runs to Trump.
Since Nunes is a relatively junior congressperson he is over his head. He shouldn't even be on such an important committee let alone chair the committee. Also, he was part of the Trump transition team. That should have disqualified him. The republicans have made the HIC partisan just like they have done with ever part of the government.

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I was floored when I read

I was floored when I read this morning about Rep. Nunes going to the Whitehouse to advise the president about information discovered in their investigation. The fact that he shared the details with the president before the oversight committee itself had the info makes it worse. The fact that Rep. Nunes shared discovered information about the president to the president himself makes it far worse yet. We have a functional constitution that is intended to prevent this kind of thing. I get the sense that the Republican House members are fully in support of our new tyrant, and an overwhelming majority of the Senate Republicans are too. Schumer and Pelosi and the Democratic Party and career staff and the courts seem to be the only entities interested in the freedom that conservatives loves to celebrate every July 4th. An oversight committee chairman that so nakedly undermines our legitimate right to a government of, by and for the people seems like a worthy target for them. If we can't stop this I don't know that we have the power to stop anything.

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The House can expel him if it

The House can expel him if it has the guts. If it doesn't then it approves of his actions.

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I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread, the news is absolutely appalling. Perhaps people will start to see through the façade Trump and his minions like to put forward, but then again the Trump camp seems to rationalize or explain everything away as well. The dissonance is surprisingly similar to what we see theists do, but I suppose that with Pence backing Trump up its not too surprising.

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Can we impeach Trump, Pence

Can we impeach Trump, Pence and his whole cabinet if treason is found? Nunes face looks like he's been threatened, a sheep to slaughter but he won't recuse himself which tells me he's either bad at his job or scared shitless. There has been so many murders of diplomats and people fighting Putins regimes. In 2014 protesters were set on fire in Russia. Trump is using the tactic of the church to sway people. I recently Read an article about a democratic pastor who took his 11 year old daughter to one of trump recent rallies in Florida. He wanted to expose her to politics and he said "demonic activity was palpable" which to me translates there was a lot of hate there. He said people were being ushered into a deeply religious experience and he felt completely uncomfortable. Now Trump made it legal to speak politically from the pulpit. If we don't stop this madness soon could take his cues fro Putin and burn us protesting.

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I know what you mean. Trump

I know what you mean. Trump has assembled such an extensive clown car of ideologues that I want to remove the lot of them. I suppose I'd choose Pence over Trump, but maybe not....

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Yes, but you'd have to show

Yes, but you'd have to show definite proof that he aided an enemy of the U.S., or gave them aid and comfort. You'd also have to get the House of Representatives, which the Republicans have some majority in, to initiate the impeachment, and the Senate, which the Republicans also have a majority in to convict him. Then you'd have Mike Pence in the Oval Office. No President has ever been impeached.

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GarfeildRepublican - No

GarfeildRepublican - No President has ever been impeached.

Clinton and Johnson (Andrew) were impeached.

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Clinton and JACKSON had

Clinton and JACKSON had impeachment trials but were never fully impeached.

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No Nyarlathotep is correct

No Nyarlathotep is correct William Jefferson Clinton and Andrew Johnson were both impeached, however, only Johnson was impeached in both houses. Andrew Jackson was NEVER impeached.
I Googled this:How many presidents have been impeached in the United States?
Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998—both later acquitted at trials held by the Senate.

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You're right- Andrew Jackson,

You're right- Andrew Jackson, like Richard Nixon, had attempts of impeachment after their respective scandals, but the House of Representatives never passed a Bill of Impeachment against either- only against Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.
I meant that no President had been fully impeached- and thereby ousted.

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Clinton and JACKSON had

GarfeildRepublican - Clinton and JACKSON had impeachment trials but were never fully impeached.

Impeachment only takes place in the house, not in the senate (that is a separate process that is NOT impeachment, and that is the process that has never happened). There is no such distinction between "fully impeached" and impeached. Both were impeached ("fully" if you want to add that silly adjective) in the house. Furthermore, it was Andrew Johnson (17th president), not Andrew Jackson (the 7th) that was impeached. Jackson was not impeached.

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Those were incorrect terms

Those were incorrect terms then- I meant that no President had been ousted via impecahment.

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He is the President, so they

He is the President, so they have to give him the info- I don't think they can deny him it because of an investigation. But even so, I believe it is irresponsible to leave him with the nuclear codes, regardless of an investigation, but to deny him pertinent information on account of that, whilst he still has the nuclear codes. Until the investigation determines a crime, and Donald Trump is brought before the Senate for impeachment, he should have all the information he needs.

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That is nonsense. No one is allowed to see any evidence until they are formally charged, president or not.
Also, The president can be impeached on a misdemeanor. The fact is that Nunes is part of an OVERSIGHT committee. He doesn't work for nor report to the president. The nuclear codes have nothing to do with it. I don't actually think you know what the "nuclear codes" are. It's a metaphor for authorization. The president cannot be ordered to appear before the Senate as it is NOT a judicial body. However, the Senate can impeach him in absentia. The Senate nor the House has to disclose ANY information to the president.

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I'm not sure I understand.

I'm not sure I understand. You said that he shouldn't receive Intel briefings because he's under investigation, and I said I don't think that makes sense because he would have authorization over the most powerful military, and the strongest nuclear power, in the world- but wold have no Intel briefings.

Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying though.

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Ah, and the house of cards on

Unfortunately, back when they were generally stupid and were truly and genuinely the epitome of the ignorant masses, which is to say they were representing themselves, government usurped that ignorance and the people were duped into thinking the government was the final word in governing and paeans were the voiceless governed.

Now we have a somewhat better grasp on the savviness needed to make an intelligent observation of our government, in form, function and fantasies ascribed to both by bipartisan dreamer savants (voters), and gosh golly they don't like what they see.

No pity from me. A nation of people who have buckled under and paved the way for a government to misrepresent itself as it has come to do deserves what it gets. I give you the United States government to do with as it will to you.


I'm 62. I wrote this 38 years ago. I was just out of the US military, mad and disappointed. I finally decided the best thing to do was not think too much and get on with the life presented me. The poem was my closure.

Once Upon A Nation

Once upon a story told
Of a place one could be free
Where books were yet to hold
Tales of its land and seas
And on its shores, the story goes
By the edge of sea and sand
Whispered calls from tidal flows
Told of freedom in this land

The people heard the call
And, leaving plow and till
They fled from their oppressors
And all the social ill
They fled from tax assessors
Who never got their fill
They fled from unfair judgement
When bowing heads in prayer
They fled for love of life
Somewhere freedom filled the air

And on this land they built
A new home for the free
And fought a war to wrest it
From the old world past the sea
And win they did this war for life
This war to hold their land
Death was not an unjust price
For freedom was at hand

And then they came to ponder
This new land they had won
To govern was but wonder
They never before had done
For fools they’d known pretending
In governmental dress
Stealing, graft and spending
Though never to confess
So off they chose to righteousness
From that they’d never stray
They’d be champions for goodness
Their prodigy would say
And by moral execution
With ethics tightly grasped
They wrote their constitution
Forever would it last

And the people saw the writing
These words borne of the heart
With all their lofty claiming
It gave them all a start
For how could such entitlement
Though richly penned and sound
Yield the under-layment
Of a nation newly found

But now those days are gone it seems
New worlds can’t be found
Where sons may go to find their dreams
Where freedoms still abound
For now such freedom has been lost
Through faulty sense of right
While wrong is served at any cost
By those who’ve lost their light

And thus through wars and those who died
This nation has been free
From evil acts of those who’ve tried
To bring it to its knees
But what bewilderment is this
Forever should we rave
To let a government insist
This nation be its slave

For all that was and in this light
Dishonor do we do
To those who paid to win the fight
To keep this nation true
Yet one by one we’ve seen them lost
These freedoms won by fire
And as they leave so do the ghosts
Of freedom’s stillborn sire

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I think this is a nice poem.

I think this is a nice poem. Let's play battleship online after you read this poem.

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