WV bishop ask predecessor to repay $792,000 in embezzled funds

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WV bishop ask predecessor to repay $792,000 in embezzled funds

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Presuming the money was spent

Assuming the money was spent in ways that violate their 501c3 charter (which I think is a real possibility); the IRS should send a bill to the church for the taxes on that sum.

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They're still going to pay

They're still going to pay for his pension and health care! They should turn him over to the police for fraud and sexual abuse, and use every dollar of his pension and any other assets to compensate his victims. What kind of appointment and assessment processes do these clowns have? It took 13 years to realize he was a scumbag?

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Under Canon Law they CAN'T

Under Canon Law they CAN'T not pay health care and pension.

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