Your experience with your religious relatives.

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Your experience with your religious relatives.

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to know how do you deal with people from your families or friend circles when you say a critisicm on a religious topic. For example, two days ago, we were listening to music with my mother and at one time, she choose "Miracle", the song from the Disney movie "Prince of Egypt", by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Altought, the song is beautiful, i brought that there were no evidence for the exodus of Hebrews from ancient Egypt.

For sure, i said it with sarcasm, and she yelled at me: "Stop blaspeming". This is from someone who is fairly liberal and open-minded.

Let's us have fun about the obfuscation felt by our fellow religious humans^^

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She has a problem with

She has a problem with sarcasm...yet has no problem with killing the first-born of Egypt. Hmmmm.

And to be honest, Exodus is a horrible story.

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"Stop blaspeming"

"Stop blaspeming"

i'll reply with an evil grin saying "if you want me to stop, then pray for me to stop, that is *if* "

ahahah....i actually had no problem with my family, either my parents and siblings careless of what i believe...well
they just don't speak about god when i'm around coz they know i'd be "oh my fucking god, can you believe what you're saying?jesus fucking christ...."

then you know what comes after...hahaha

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Of course Exodus is an

Of course Exodus is an horrible story, as much as the rest of the bible... As for my mother, she calls herself a christian but has no problems participating in ancient malagasy rituals. (My two parents are from Reunion Island,and she has ancestry from Africa and Madagascar).

To be fair, most of the inner circle of my family know that i am an atheist but they didn't reject me...

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Indirectly I've heard that

Indirectly I've heard that one of my relatives asked around to find out "what happened" to me. You know, because you can't be an atheist unless something absolutely horrible happened to you.

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Sure, atheism can't be reach by logic and lack of evidence alone... He didn't have the courage to ask himself or maybe you weren't worthy of his time? I hope not.

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I believe the "plan" was to

I believe the "plan" was to come to me armed with some sort of grand argument and catch me off guard with the 'what happened to you' revelation. I think they just sort of moved on when they found out that I hadn't had some horrible misfortune.

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Mostly, my relations with

Mostly, my relations with other family members is confrontational at best. The main reason I no longer go to family get-togethers unless I am going to make one statement, then leave before they have a chance to respond.

They abuse the fact that the accident that killed my wife and daughters, and nearly me, has slowed my thought processes significantly due to the severe TBI I suffered. and I am unable to quickly respond. They will keep tagging off to one another, never giving me the chance to respond.

Thus, I don't give them the opportunity to belittle and humiliate my lack of belief in any god(s).


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My sincere condolences. They are awful for using this tragedy against you. I hope that you have find people that accept you as you are and who will never abuse in this way.

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Yeah, my new family here at

Yeah, my new family here at Atheist Republic.


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I borrowed a line I read from

I borrowed a line I read from these boards. I do not belittle their religions or anything, but when ever they ask for something, unless I like the family member enough to do things for them despite the fact they think I am going to hell for being an atheist..I say I will pray for them.

For example:

(Highly religious family member that I do not care for:) "Hey can you help me move?" (From one house to another,)

ME: "Nah, I do not feel like it, but tell you what, I will pray for you."

--- Stunned silence...followed with something like: "You do not even believe in god or prayer!"

ME: "That is correct, yet you guys tell me that all the time and do nothing else, praying for me is meaningless to me, are you saying me praying for you is meaningless to you? "

--- The two times I got the opportunity to do this so far, this is where the conversation ends.

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It's funny that those who pay

It's funny that those who pay so much lip service to magic; don't put much stock in it.

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Hi talynEarth,

Hi talynEarth,

I keep it simple around my wife's religious family, none of them know that I'm atheist. My wife (a theist), one sister (atheist) and four essentially non-religious friends are the only ones who know my status.

My wife even runs interference for me. At a family gathering back in April, I ambled into a room where she and four others were around a table, deep in discussion. She quietly said to me, "You don't need to be here,” and gave me a “look.” I left. It turns out the others were specifically discussing the satanic nature of atheists, our resistance “to see the light,” etc., and quoting the bible left and right.

Her family would hound both her and me mercilessly if they knew that I’m an atheist, so I don’t give them that opportunity. Obviously, I don’t engage them regarding their illogical beliefs which have been inculcated into minds since birth.

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"i brought that there were no evidence for the exodus of Hebrews from ancient Egypt."

In actual history the Egyptian Empire included all of the land in the Levant to the Tigris River.

The Israelites didn't leave Egypt, Egypt left the Israelites. The Exodus story is in reverse. The crossing of the Red Sea is when the Egyptians were driven back into what's now Egypt proper.

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