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To administrators

We are all witnessing the continuous attacks to the forum. The actually attack is quite simple, they publish ads in progression. There are several ways to avoid it, but I think the easiest way to avoid it is that to be able to star a new topic must be approved by an administrator.

I don't know if anyone else can contribute anything more, or have any better ideas to end Baba Jaga's ads.

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Please move this to the Site

Please move this to the Site Support forum.

Thanks for your suggestion. The issue is being looked at and options considered.

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I am not on a big fan of

I am not on a big fan of censorship

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Oh, sorry.

Oh, sorry.

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That is a lot of work for an

That is a lot of work for an administrator to have to authorize each new topic.

An easier one is a 10-60 (random) minute timer of new accounts being able to create a new thread. (Can reply instantly upon account creation.) It does create a small barrier of entry for new people eager to post a new topic however. Or perhaps a combination of/new account/ that the first hour or 2 (random again) must be approved by an admin.

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@LogicForTW: I would not know

@LogicForTW: I would not know if that would be a lot of work, the administrator would only need to come in a few times a day, approve topics haven't ads, and unsubscribe the accounts that publish ads, and last could do it once a day.
I understand that you're trying to lower the work of the administrator, but the only sure way is that. I don't know how many administrators will have the forum, but I imagine that the work can be shared.

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It can be an effective

It can be an effective measure (esp. temporarily) to stop spammers in its tracks, but it also creates a large barrier for new conversation. Coordinating it so that people that want to create new topics and not have to wait hours for their topic to appear requires a lot of work, especially in coordinating coverage at wee hours of the night or during special holidays that no one wants to spend time administrating boards. I imagine no more than one person gets paid anything at all to admin these boards.
Yes an administrator can probably scan and approve/deny all new topic request in less than a minute. But doing it every 30? minutes every day, even split out over 3 people quickly turns into a dull and repetitive job.

I have admin boards before, it is annoying work, and the boards I administrated were not nearly as sensitive in material as these boards. Even then it was tough for me to grant admin power to others, that were willing to volunteer, as abuse of admin powers is tempting and easy and can create a lot of damage. Most people are happy to administrate some like culling ad posts for a while, but usually within a few weeks they get bored of it, and you have to find new administrators to trust.

I do not run my own boards anymore because it was a lot of thankless work. (Did not get paid for it either, was a board that related to a hobby of mine.)

However as I said before temporarily setting up an admin approve list until this particular spammer leaves for easier targets can work.

It is also entirely possible someone setup a spam bot they d/l from the net to hit this website in a sort of childish attack again this forum. Taking advantage of the current state of Captcha and this version of forum software/setup.
Admin can rejigger a few settings to shut down this bot. Updating the forum software I know is a PITA and cause a lot of disruption and often times data(forum post/user settings) does not make the update well.

As CyberLN said, they are looking into options, and trying to sort which is best.

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Oh, another idea. Limit new

Oh, another idea. Limit new topic creation to one per 10-90 minutes. (Random with a scaling emphasis on longer times the more topics one creates within a 48 hour period)

This would cut out double post mistake honest posters make, and make spammers a whole lot less spammy/ easier to deal with.

Plus it would force honest posters to be more concise in their post creation, putting more thought and effort into their ideas.

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@LogicForTW: That's a very

@LogicForTW: That's a very good idea!

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You can report the issue to

You can report the issue to them and suggest the idea of requiring approval from administrators before new topics can be posted.

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It's unfortunate to hear

It's unfortunate to hear about the continuous attacks on the forum. One way to prevent spam and unwanted ads is to implement stricter moderation policies. Requiring approval from an administrator before a new topic can be posted is a good start, but it may not be enough to completely stop the attacks.

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This issue can be addressed

This issue can be addressed through various methods, but I would like to suggest a simple solution: requiring new topics to be approved by an administrator before they can be posted.

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You're right, it's all

You're right, it's all subject to change.

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