ADMINS: If I wanted to publish a book here...

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ADMINS: If I wanted to publish a book here...

I wish to publish a book here at the Atheist Republic in PDF format.

I do not want to charge anything for the book excepting the time to download it.

I am also willing to provide a Dropbox link for persons to download it.

I was just wondering if it would be OK to start a topic thread in the books section for any who may wish to discuss the book.

Thank you for your valuable time and efforts.


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This might be of some help:
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Thanks a bunch CyberLN. Done

Thanks a bunch CyberLN. Done did it.


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Good for you!

Good for you!

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It is very interesting. I

It is very interesting. I love to read and would love to read your book. All writers are undeniably talented people.

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Thanks for your time and effort in fostering literary discussions!

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