Hey mods...

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Hey mods...

Need to kick start the anti-spammer bot again.

Making it very difficult to read the Debate Club boards


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We are experiencing an issue

We are experiencing an issue with the script that deletes the spammers. In the mean time, I am attending to them manually but am simply unable to monitor non-stop. Will do the best I can and hope you all will understand if some slip thru and sit on the boards for a bit before I get to them.

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Thank You CyberLN.

Thank You CyberLN.

I just thought the bot had been deactivated. Sometimes I wish I could delete those pesky things myself.

Again, many many thanks. You are a hero to me for all you do for these boards.

I think we need to create an AR Uncommon Valor Medal...


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Well, thank you, but Nyar is

Well, thank you, but Nyar is the hero behind the spam script! He’s worth his weight in gold, IMO.

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Here ya go CyberLN

Here ya go CyberLN

Done with Bryce, then retouched with Photoshop. Bryce ain't the best for something like this, but is the quickest.



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Yeah I'm having some tech

Yeah I'm having some tech difficulties, sorry; hope to have them solved in 24 hours.

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Hey, that Uncommon Valor Medal thing above also applies to you.


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Wouldn't a good solution to

Wouldn't a good solution to the spammer issue be a time requirement? For example, that you can only start one thread per hour, or per day. Most people who are not spamming don't start more than a single thread per day, since they typically want to engage with that thread instead of starting a new one.

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I think Breezy's idea of

I think Breezy's idea of blocking a certain number of threads per hour could be a good way of getting rid of the spam. If that's possible to do...

(Edit: the name of the user who opens the thread is the same in each attack)

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I;m going through withdraw.

I;m going through withdraw. I've debunked the Da Vinci code 3 times now.

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