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I really think this site needs a 'like' button on posts, or even better a +1up -1down thing.. I think it is very important we understand how many people agree with what, or not. All +1s or -1s will be public, you can't like your own posts, and anyone can see who liked or disliked the post.

Is this possible?

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I would also like to see the

I would also like to see the ability to follow post and see all the topics you decide to follow by clicking on a followed post button. Even better if you could even save a reply to come back to later. Some sort of staring as important feature or something like that. But yeah a like or even a dislike button would be cool.

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I agree, I would put a like

I agree, I would put a like to your idea Danny but i can't :P

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I like like lol

I like like lol

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Thanks for sending us your

Thanks for sending us your feedback Danny!

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No worries.. and what about

No worries.. and what about free chocolate, I'll send you my address :D

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I have the same opinion as

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