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No reply from AR

Can anyone throw some light on this? I wrote a book that AR accepted and published. This was a couple of years ago now. I emailed AR in February 2016 and again in April 2016 and again about ten days ago. I want to know how the book is doing but I've heard nothing at all. It could have sold a million copies or none but there doesn't seem to be a way of finding out....

It was stated that AR would get a certain percentage of the sales and I'd get the rest. They don't have my bank details yet and I have had no notification that they are needed. I'm really confused. I'd like to take it back and sell it myself on amazon if I continue to get no response. Any other authors of AR books with the same problem?


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I asked them about book

I asked them about book publishing in a message but unfortunately did not get a reply. It did seem like they looked at my blog as I had a big influx on Canadian views the following day however that was that. I guest they do have a huge amount of messages to read through and my blog is relatively small.

I do hope you hear from them! Have you tried emailing, messaging on Facebook etc?

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Hi Sam,

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your message. I have been trying for a year now to get a reply. I don't know what to think.... Shouldn't a publisher keep in contact with its authors and let them know how their books are selling? (I've got one 5 star review on amazon so I know that at least one copy has sold!) I've had no statements, no royalties, no communication since publication.... What is going on????

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Have you tried contacting

Have you tried contacting other authors published with AR?

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I don't know how to contact

I don't know how to contact the other authors but I'm going to write to Atheist Republic, Maybe someone will read it and get back to me....

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Keep at it, you will

Keep at it, you will eventually get an answer. Have you also though about publishing elsewhere? If you aren't getting paid or getting any stats about the books performance, surely they won't mind if you publish elsewhere?

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Another month gone and no

Another month gone and no reply to my letter......???

Many times in my life I've screamed out into the universe asking 'Is there anyone out there? Just answer me! Give me a sign!"

What always came back was nothing, just the echo of my plea into a silent universe. I never thought I'd get the same with Atheist Republic!

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I'm sorry to hear that you

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received a response from AR regarding your book. It's possible that there could be various reasons why you haven't received a reply, such as changes in personnel or company policies.

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