Relationship troubles

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Relationship troubles

I've been in a relationship with a Christian for a few months now but I was friends with the person for many years before. His family loves me but they continue to push me about "finding god" and it makes me very uncomfortable. Has anyone else ever been in the same situation? How is/was the relationship? I just want anyone to talk to, both his and my family are religious so I have nobody else to turn to. I'm new to the site so if there is a way to message me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!



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I understand that you're

I understand that you're feeling uncomfortable with your partner's family pushing you about "finding God." It can be challenging when there's a difference in religious beliefs within a relationship. Many people have been in similar situations, and it can vary how the relationship unfolds. It's important to communicate openly with your partner about your feelings and concerns. While I'm unable to Immaculate grid message you directly, you can continue to seek support and advice from online communities or consider talking to a trusted friend or counselor.

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