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Request to Atheist Republic Administration

Hi AR Admins/Webmasters

I am from Pakistan and this is my 2nd post on this forum. I request you to please add SSL(https) and more security on your website. Though in this era of technology no one is secured and anyone can get hacked anytime. But this can be more worsen in your case because I believe thousands of ex-muslims from muslim countries must have been registered on this site. I fear if you ever get hacked exposing data of those thousands of atheists then it will be very life threatening for them. I also request you to better not keep emails/IP logs of users registered from muslim countries. You may contact Sucuri for this cause. So please consider this request before its too late.

Thanks all :)



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Hi, We are currently working

Hi, We are currently working to provide SSL encryption for the website. At the moment, we are still looking into the best option for Atheist Republic so we can ensure that everyone's identity is protected but please be assured that we are working on it and will be implementing a plan for the website as soon as we can. For added security, please use an alias as your name on the website for your safety

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Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the response. Since I already know about such threats so I am not using my real name/identity on this forum and also using TOR to remain anonymous but it was about thousands others who might not be that much technical.

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