Terroristic threat by K Frame AKA Harry Truman, AKA HT Man

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Terroristic threat by K Frame AKA Harry Truman, AKA HT Man

I am reporting this open threat by K Frame

"Anyone who opposes the citizenry having firearms is a sexist and a bigot. They are also very stupid. More people have been slaughtered by their government than any other form of murder. So if you oppose the 2nd amendment you support the conditions that allow the mass slaughter of innocents. That makes you a special kind of evil. If you tried to take my wife's ability to defend herself from her, I would kill your worthless woman hating ass with a smile on my face
Bring it bitches. NOT a goddamned inch is given to scum who make women, the weak, and the disabled victims of predators. NOT a goddamned Inch."

This post was made on the '42 guns REALLY? Thread'. Thu, 10/05/2017 - 09:49

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