Taliban Bans Contraception, Citing "Western Conspiracy to Control Muslims"

The Taliban has stopped the distribution of contraceptives in two of Afghanistan’s major cities, claiming that their use by women is part of a conspiracy by Western countries to control the Muslim population.

Bahrain Puts Muslims on Trial for "Questioning Islam"

Three religious reformers were put on trial in Bahrain for allegedly questioning the foundations of Islam, further deepening divisions between the country’s Shia majority and its ruling Sunni royal family.

The three accused are members of Tajdeed, a local Shia cultural and religious organization that advocates for open discussion of religion. Its members have questioned Islamic jurisprudence and the opinions of Islamic legal scholars, a taboo in much of the Muslim world, where political and religious authorities often endorse and enforce doctrine.

‘They Used Our Hijabs to Gag Us’: Systematic Abuse of Iranian Protesters

British news outlet The Guardian released a report on February 6th detailing the systemic abuse many dissidents faced at the hands of Iranian security forces amidst ongoing protests that have rocked the country.

Pakistani Mob Kidnaps Man Accused of Blasphemy From Police & Lynches Him

On February 11, a Pakistani man accused of blasphemy was dragged outside a police station by an angry mob in the country’s eastern province of Punjab and lynched, Pakistani authorities said.


Hindu-Nationalists Hold Massive Rally in Mumbai Against "Love Jihad"

On January 29, an umbrella body of several Hindu organizations held a protest rally against "Love Jihad" and religious conversions in Mumbai.

Many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders attended the rally, including the Mumbai unit president Ashish Shelar, MP Manoj Kotak, MP Gopal Shetty, and the former MP Kirit Somaiya. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde was also seen participating in the rally with several Shiv Sena leaders.

Islamic Republic of Iran Exposed as Hacker of Charlie Hedbo

Security researchers at Microsoft revealed on February 3 that a hacking team backed by the Iranian regime allegedly stole and leaked private customer data from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Malaysian Official Says "Islamophobia" Should be Criminalized

In light of the recent events involving the burning of the Quran by far-right activist Rasmus Paludan, a senior Malaysian official suggested criminalizing Islamophobia and demanded a “firmer” response from Muslim countries towards such incidents.